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Finished projects of houses and cottages

Moscow | Added: 17 January 2018 number: 25648

Address: Moscow, Кривоколенный переулок, д.12, show the map

    Ready, model, individual projects of country houses and cottages with the price of turn-key construction.
    Projects of houses, cottages with garage and terrace. Built-in and attached garages. Detached garages.
    Professional design of private homes, cottages, villas and mansions at competitive prices.
    A large catalogue houses and cottages presents projects of houses and cottages of wood, brick, foam concrete and aerated
    projects wood, frame and monolithic buildings, houses with garage, balcony, terrace, manzarali, basement
    with floor plans, elevations, 3d rendering, pictures, photos and videos.
    Projects one-storey, two-storey country houses of brick, concrete blocks, concrete blocks, expanded clay and ceramic blocks under the key.
    Projects roof cottages of timber and logs, frame houses projects for construction.
    Drawings for the construction of private houses, cottages, baths, villas, mansions, garages, duplexes, and townhouses.
    House designs in classic, contemporary style, eclectic style, modern, hi-tech.
    World projects 2018, design projects, projects of the year. The highest standards of architectural aesthetics.
    All documentation in accordance with applicable norms and rules construction norms and regulations!
    Every project contains:
    1) Architectural solutions (plans, elevations, sections, roof assemblies and parts);
    2) structural solutions (foundations, walls, floors, roof structures, assemblies, bill of materials);
    3) Solutions for engineering systems (selection of boiler power, heating, ventilation, water supply, Sewerage, electricity, lightning protection and grounding);
    4) Statement of consumption of basic building materials;
    5) Architectural passport of the house for approval.
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