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Moscow | Added: 18 February 2019 number: 117237
    Road construction company "fora”
    landscaping, road repair and asphalting of Moscow and Moscow region efficiently and in a short time performs road construction company "fora”. Within our organization all the necessary equipment for road construction, road paving, excavation and patching works.
    for many years the company has gained a good reputation as a reliable partner. Qualified professionals perform all work associated with the construction and repair of roads, paving with knowledge of the case.
    we will carry out any work on the landscaping of Moscow and all cities
    Moscow region:
    • comprehensive landscaping;
    • landscaping of private and urban areas;
    • lawns;
    • territory arrangement;
    • paving of paths;
    • paving adjacent lanes;
    • asphalting of footpaths and cycle paths;
    • paving of streets;
    • asphalting of the sport areas;
    • asphalting of pavements;
    • paving of Parking pockets;
    • paving in underground Parking lots;
    • paving Parking lots;
    • asphalting dealers;
    • paving of Parking lots for heavy vehicles;
    • asphalt laying in hangars;
    • asphalting of garage cooperatives;
    • paving of asphalt;
    • vertical planning;
    • asphalting territories enterprises and organizations;
    • paving of industrial sites;
    • asphalt production plants;
    • asphalting of garage cooperatives;
    • brick paving of all types;
    • the device areas of asphalt crumbs;
    • paving of lanes in the suburban area;
    • asphalting of trenches;
    • upgrade of asphalt;
    • laying asphalt crumbs;
    • construction of asphalt roads;
    • asphalt in hard to reach places;
    • installation of curbs;
    • concreting of the territory.
    create an atmosphere of comfort and beauty with all zoning regulations and urban landscape design.
    produced patching Moscow and in the Moscow region:
    • elimination of deformations of the road surface;
    • construction of asphalt pavement;
    • laying asphalt crumbs;
    • the device of the roadway;
    • repairs of the asphalt pavement;
    • current repair of the road surface;
    • construction of a new asphalt pavement;
    • full replacement of the roadway;
    • capital repair of asphalt pavement;
    • restoration of roads;
    • milling of asphalt pavement;
    • digging of pits, trenches
    • alignment(removal) of soil
    • clearing of land
    • garbage disposal
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