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The services

Accounting, Finance
2 000 RUB
2 August
Holidays, events
1 500 RUB
2 August
The construction of houses, cottages
500 RUB
2 August
Beauty, health
600 RUB
31 July
Nurse, nurses
20 000 RUB
31 July
The construction of houses, cottages
3 333 RUB
30 July
Commercial transportation
200 RUB
30 July
The creation and promotion of sites
500 RUB
28 July
Beauty, health
800 RUB
26 July
Beauty, health
3 000 RUB
25 July
Glazing of balconies
6 700 RUB
25 July
Beauty, health
450 RUB
25 July

Online   Narmala . com   You can order or offer paid services. Place the appropriate announcements may be individuals, commercial organizations, government agencies.

The site offers services of various orientations:

Land works . Activities for the preparation of trenches and pits. Works are performed manually or with the help of special equipment.

Legal services . The help of a lawyer is in demand when drawing up contracts, preparing a will, and resolving disputes with an employer. The specialist will provide comprehensive advice, reduce the loss of time and nerves.

Setup and maintenance of PC . Private masters will restore the performance of the computer, will carry out its modernization. They will clean the system, install the necessary programs, restore the lost data.

Utilities . Works related to the maintenance of industrial and residential facilities. As part of the services, the replacement of meters, the repair of pipelines, and the laying of utilities are performed. When carrying out activities using specialized equipment.

Provision of services related to the transport of goods . The site contains many transport companies. The client can order long-distance and international transportation.

Training and tutoring . A qualified tutor will help prepare for the final exams, improve knowledge of target subjects.

Health and beauty . On the service portal   Narmala . com   Presents ads from masters of massage and makeup. The client can contact a private specialist or use the help of the organization.

The number of ad is steadily increasing. The site contains offers from Russia, CIS countries, the USA, the European Union.

How are rates generated?

The cost of services depends on the following indicators:

Scope of work.

The complexity of the work.

The specifics of the events.

Special requirements from the client.

Payment for services is as per agreement. Parties may use cash and bank transfer.

Benefits of working with   Narmala

Site Services   Narmala . com   offers favorable terms of cooperation for buyers and sellers. Visitors can count on:

Quick and easy registration . Create an account is not difficult. To do this, you can use e-mail or an account in a social network.

High security . All ads are moderated . Suggestions that do not comply with the resource policy are blocked.

Professional support . Site managers are always ready to help. They will provide comprehensive advice, recommend additional services, assist in the publication of ads.

Register and get access to the full functionality of the site.

Who should register on the site?

Register at Narmala . com - essential assistance in business development. Entrepreneurs can count on:

  • Receive applications from new customers . The audience of the site is comparable to the portals of Gdeuslugi (where services are), Avito , Yula. Here are thousands of visitors who need a masseur, hairdresser, porter. Find your customers is not difficult.
  • Promotion of own resource . Have your own website services? Narmala . com promotes the growth of its popularity. By placing an ad, you can attach a link to an online store or video presentation . This will increase the number of potential visitors, make the brand more recognizable.
  • Auxiliary functionality of the site . Create optimal conditions for the promotion of proposals will help additional options. They allow you to select an ad, promote it in search results, fix the “urgent sale” icon.

The purchase of additional options will be inexpensive. They are available to individuals and commercial organizations. To obtain the greatest benefits, it is recommended to make a comprehensive purchase.

How to declare yourself?

Anyone can provide services, it is enough to place an ad on the site. The procedure takes several minutes. The user will need:

  • Activate account . Having a verified account gives access to the site functionality. To register, you must fill out an electronic form or use an account from the social network .
  • Create an ad . Description of the services that are planned to be provided. Particular attention is paid to the prices and list of work performed. If possible, place a few photos. This will increase the number of views.
  • Send an offer for review . Each ad is moderated . With its successful completion, information about the service is added to the site. Check takes no more than 30 minutes. In the event of violations, the announcement is sent for revision.

The user can place one or more ads. It all depends on the number of services provided.

Demand for services

Every day hundreds of orders for services are formed on the site. The most popular are the following areas:

  • Site creation services . Works aimed at the development and modernization of Internet resources . Events are conducted by private professionals and specialized companies. Services are provided for site development, preparation of thematic content, programming.
  • Services for business . The provision of services related to business activities. This category includes the creation of promotional materials, transportation of goods, activities for the repair of specialized equipment.
  • Massage services . There is a steady demand for massage services. Specialists are contacted for the purpose of prophylactic and therapeutic procedures. Customers willingly visit accredited salons and private craftsmen.
  • Services husband for an hour . The help of an experienced man, who is able to modify the plumbing line, install electrical equipment, repair furniture. Universal masters are interested in private owners and organizations. Payment by the hour.

Orders for services are received via internal chat, email or by phone. The final cost of the work is negotiated.

How to choose a suitable service?

Need help wizard, but do not know who to contact? Use the regular search. The algorithm will give the best offers based on the wishes of the user:

  • Name of service.
  • The cost of the work.
  • Photo availability.
  • Special requirements.

Work with the search is convenient and easy. It is enough to enter the name of the service, indicate the available budget and select the associated parameters. The system will perform the remaining actions automatically.

Solving related tasks

On the Narmala website . com can not only order services. Visitors have access to a lot of thematic sections of various orientations:

  • Real estate . Rent, sale and purchase of apartments. The range of garages, parking spaces , storage rooms. Offices, production workshops, work sites are widely represented.
  • Transportation . Proposals relating to cars, boats, motorcycles and aircraft. Buyers can purchase rail transport and equipment for survey activities.
  • Personal things . Ads for the sale of clothing, household appliances, furniture. In the presence of a huge number of souvenirs.

Using the platform Narmala , you can solve many problems. We will be glad to see you in the ranks of satisfied users of our site.