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3 000 RUB
Address: Moscow, Рязанский проспект, вл2, show the map
Car service repair of gearbox and BMW engines, BMW. Body repair works with painting and straightening vehicles. We employ only RUSSIAN qualified specialists with experience in this area for over 20 years. sale, exchange, transmission TO the WHA Checkpoint 5 St change for 5 of article 2113, 2114, 2115, 1988 FROM 3999 rubles, transmission Hyundai Porter 1, HD 78, 72. The opportunity to take your faulty. the exchange depends on the fault of your transaxle Gearbox on the VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112 1993 from 3900 RUB Checkpoint after an overhaul and replaced all faulty parts. Transmission (manual transmission) for the Gazelle BUSINESS 4216,402,405,406,the UMP, the GAZELLE NEXT , GAZELLE NEKST CAT KAMINS ,KAMENZ,KAMENZ, SHTAYER, CHRYSLER. Transmission of the VAZ 21214 3500. Niva Chevrolet exchange FROM 4000 RUB. Mechanical gearbox (manual transmission) Transmission for VAZ 2108 2109 21099 1985 FROM 3990 RUB Work seven days a week from 10-00 to 21-00. Repair manual transmission 1.4-1.8, 1.6 (IB5) Ford Focus 2 / Ford Focus Ford Focus 2 3 / Ford Focus 3 1996 Godot 6400 RUB. manual Transmission hyundai / Hyundai porter 1, 2 2000. The price on the box porter is listed on the exchange of your faulty. Possible repair to your transmission hyundai porter 5999 RUB exchange box removed porter from RUB 8999 (if the housing and shafts on your Cat the whole). Removal / Installation - 4000. repair without parts - 6000 ICIE Porter 2.5 D4BF Hyundai Hyundai porter transmission. CAT D4CB PORTER since 1986. Gearbox for Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai porter 1 Porter 2 from 15000 RUB CLUTCH REPLACEMENT. Manual transmission Volkswagen Bora 1999 goth 4500, manual transmission Volkswagen Caddy 1999 4500, Opel, Volkswagen Crafter manual gearbox from 1999 6500, CAT 4500 Volkswagen Golf, repair, manual transmission Volkswagen Golf Plus 1999 from 4111 RUB Repair manual transmission Volkswagen Jetta 1999 from 4500 R. repair Volkswagen Passat, Skoda manual transmission Volkswagen Passat 4600 Rubles in 1998. Repair Opel Astra, Corsa from 3999 RUB manual transmission Volkswagen Passat CC 2000 to 4999 RUB., manual transmission Volkswagen Polo 2001 4400 rubles. Ford focus 2000 repair from 3500 rubles. Auto glass for cars 2104,2105,2106,2107 1964 from 3800 RUB Cat Gazelle 1987 from 8000 RUB. Repair of engines of any complexity. repair of cylinder heads of a BMW. Removing the cylinder head from the engine. Disassembly of the head unit. Clean the valves of carbon. Clean the combustion chambers of carbon. Grinding valves.The replacement of the MSC (oil removable caps). Our car service offers you repair cat 2101-2115 vases, Priora, Niva, Gazelle. Manual transmission Volkswagen, Opel. Skoda. Body repair works with painting and straightening vehicles. Its laboratory for selection of colors of enamels. Our laboratory for the selection of paint is equipped with modern equipment to quickly and accurately match any paint color for a car, and for any color pattern. Color match paint code or sample.
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