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Fur Atelier Moscow to alter a fur coat, repair coat, shorten coat, seal coats, Atelier mehv

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Address: Moscow, Братиславская 3, show the map
M. Bratislavskaya
Konkovo metro station
Atelier — "natalis" has 24 years of experience in
individual tailoring, as well as comprehensive repairing clothes
from fur and skin of any degree of complexity.
we provide a wide range of services for repair, restoration,
remaking things from fur and leather:
full and partial cut;
change the style of the product;
the fit on the figure;
balansirovka products (for example, if the coat pulls back);
installation on the coat/coat — hood, belt, pockets, slot,
lengthening/shortening of the product;
replace pureed sections (the front part of the shelves, collar,
cuffs, cuffs, pockets, hem, area hooks,
repair weak sections from the basis (breaks, cracks,
detachment, proslavlennye seams, gaps near joints);
duplication and sizing torn areas;
selection and replacement of accessories (hooks, buttons, zippers, buckles,
clips, buttons);
manufacture and replacement of edges, collars, cuffs, rims,
a complete replacement of the lining;
install the liner as fixed and removable;
insulation products (Kerstin natural, synthetic,
the inner and outer dubbing joints;
alter outdoor decorative stitches (rupture of the filament,
the unraveling of seam thread, breaks);
repair of sheepskin coats (tears, fading);
elimination of defects on leather products (torn areas
creases, torn tears) sizing with the subsequent prokras,
replacement of a certain area;
cleaning fur screw products;
the elimination of the stretching zones (elbows, the pockets, knees,
seat, sleeve, neckline);
the softening of the leather fabric (by entering natural
fat mitigating elements);
the combination with leather, suede, braid, lace, brocade;
restoration of fur products after a moth;
the complex view of any thing to wear.
also in our Studio you can obtain extensive and complete
advice regarding your questions.
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