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7 500 RUB
Pellets - pellets, obtained by pressing waste wood when heated, resulting in the allocation of resinous fractions and grip of the source material.
When compared to conventional wood pellets, after drying, have a low moisture content and high density, and hence the conductivity, which ensures a stable temperature throughout the period of combustion, releasing low smoke and not firing.
The efficiency of the pellet boiler 25% more than coal and up to two times more than wood.
Dark pellets, bags of 20-33кг-7700/7500 R per ton Pellets are light , bags 20kg-33-8700/8500 rubles per ton. Sell by the ton, preferably from 5T (machine)
Gray pellets (6-8)33кг - 3 ton - 7500 R
pellets light(8)20kg - 1тонна - 8700
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