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Heating system

Moscow | Added: 29 September 2017, number: 15156
60 000 RUB
Address: Moscow, Кимры, Дубна, Московская и Тверская области, map
Home heating is a system of artificial heating, created for the purpose of compensation in this heat and maintaining temperature within the specified range. Our installation team has years of experience in installation of systems of heating, all the necessary tools for work and suppliers of quality products.
We offer installation of the following types of heating systems:
Natural (gravitational) heating system with the movement of the coolant in it due to the difference of density of hot and cold water and special pipe slope;
- Forced heating system, it can be open and closed, in the embedded system circulation pump, no need of pipe laying at a certain angle, the system is dependent on electricity.
Side of the heating system can perform according to the following schemes:
- Monotube (Leningradka) the heating circuit, which uses a smaller square tubing, but the diameter of the pipes used large and balancing is needed;
- Two-pipe scheme of heating – a dead-end and ride (Loop of Tichelman) are most in demand. Here, all radiators warm up evenly, and balancing is not required, but the pipe is mounted more;
- Collector circuit heating. Here, each radiator is fed by its flow and return pipes from the manifold heating.
Also to your attention we offer:
- Installation of floor heating (water and electric),
- Installation of the mixing unit and a circulation pump,
- Installation of radiators (steel, aluminum, cast iron, bimetal),
- Installation sex and baseboard convectors
- Selection and calculation of capacity of system of heating,
- Repair, maintenance, flushing of the heating system, replacement of component elements.
If You need heating, please contact us, we work professionally, quickly and efficiently, pass the object in time and will be glad to cooperate.
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