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Looking for remote managers in the Department cold calls to Russia

Moscow | Added: 15 August 2018 number: 90353
    About us: the site is designed for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are engaged in sales of electrical products (cable, wire, lighting, etc.). Any supplier (shop, Internet shop, manufacturer, retailer) can completely free to place your range in the service Bystrosklad.
    What to do: call the script from our CRM to the suppliers of electrical products Russia (list provided).
    Now our managers call up the electrical company. In the future we will add other categories products. The placing of the goods in Bystrosklad will always be free. That is, You do not need to sell over the phone paid services. The plan calls on the day determined by yourself. Less than 20-30 calls per day not recommend that the statistics were about equal, without failures. The dialler is a successful call scenario. At first you should try to stick to the script, not to be confused with excitement. But all the managers we set up on lucid calls: a script is very important, but more important to understand about what is conversation, what questions to ask, to learn to understand the pain of supplier/vendor.
    The payment is added for the warehouse: You called, the company announced the proposal, answered questions, sent details in the mail, and the company agreed to add the goods (independently or with our help). One warehouse - 300 rbl. the Forecast payment for the month can be drawn from the experience of our calls: 10 calls: 1-2 stock. The first month, while delve, learn - most likely the stats will be lower.
    Calls, sending emails originate from our system, which we will provide. Calls of course at our expense. In General, the work automated, email templates, call recorder You can listen and adjust yourself.
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