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Sales Manager (remote)

Moscow | Added: 9 October 2018 number: 97442
160 000 RUB
Applicant must have:
1. Professional qualification: Successful experience in sales, customer service on the phone (in the field of promotion of goods and services in social networks or related topics).
2. Understanding: to Understand the principles of online advertising, social networking and content marketing.
3. Personal qualities: Sociability, responsibility, stress, learning and verbal skills.
what do you expect from a Manager.
1. Active sales by telephone (through "cold calls" and incoming traffic) and meetings
2. Execution of sales plan
3. Increase sales conversions
conditions and wages.
1. For the good work we are willing to pay more than the market average - One of the Best deals IN the Market.
2. Salary by results of interview (basic salary higher than the market average)
3. Motivation developed a transparent system of bonuses depends on the achievement of performance targets, may be an amount equal to the accountant of or in 2, 3 times.
4. Conditions 5/2, BUT the processing are the place to be. It's your decision - time, work 5/2, don't have time to work even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - will ask for the result, not the time at work.
5. Remote work with daily reporting. We are not tied to the place, and you can work from anywhere in the world.
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