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New toilet cabin Ecostyle - save money!

Moscow | Added: 13 April 2018 number: 36007

Address: Moscow, Остаповский проезд, д.10, стр.3, show the map

    You save money when buying a new toilet cabins Ecostyle!
    Don't believe? Go to the official website of the company "environmental teams" and compare prices.
    For construction, garden, gas station, market, cafe... where impossible the installation of a toilet – new toilet cubicle Ecostyle adapted to any type of operation!
    1. Quality. Mobile toilet cabin has a certificate of conformity.
    2. Convenience. You can buy assembled or disassembled (see Attached detailed Assembly instructions. Collect can one person).
    3. Design. Available in 2 colors – green and blue.
    4. Reliability. Plastic can withstand a load of 300 kg/cm3, UV resistant, temperature extremes.
    5. Equipment. Any toilets Ecostyle easy to retrofit – towel holder, liquid soap dispenser, sink, mirror, etc.
    6. Mobility. Cabin weight is 70 kg. therefore, we can carry it on the trailer car and the freedom to move at their summer cottage, a construction site or at a gala event open-air.
    Filling model Ecostyle similar to a toilet cubicle "Economy" brand ECOGR, has similar dimensions 220х110х120 cm (h*W*d), but stands out more attractive external design. They can be distinguished by the pattern on the panels.
    Than a good mobile toilet Ecostyle?
    Ecostyle – out of competition with the rest of the plastic portable toilets.
    It is based on a single-layer front panel on a metal frame with stiffeners, hinges, stainless steel rivets.
    The pan has a reinforced structure with additional water-repellent impregnation.
    The roof let the sunlight in, and then in the daytime supplementary lighting is not required.
    The receiving tank has-molded design (no seams) made of polyethylene production South Korea.
    Toilet cubicle Ecostyle delivers the manufacturer – the company "environmental teams". And it's profitable! See for yourself...
    1. Reliability. The company was founded in 2007.
    2. Wide dealer network. We supply products throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries
    3. Efficiency. Own service of logistics and delivery
    4. Professionalism. 10 years experience and 150 employees allow to solve tasks for which no risk to take on others.
    5. First-class service. Round-the-clock shipment of products and client consultation, without breaks and weekends. Any issues are solved within 15 minutes.
    6. Personality. Having their own equipment for the production of plastic products we have the ability to produce products according to customer drawings (custom made).
    7. A special approach. Any checklists. Only live chat and a thorough study of the needs of customers.
    Are you ready to save money when buying a new toilet?
    For details, call the number listed!
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