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Pillow ergonomic BLISS. Making customized pillows.

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Company "BLISS" is engaged in manufacturing of handmade cushions made to order.
And our goal is to create your own pillow!
BLISS pillow ergonomic. When the correct position of the spine relax the muscles, not zaselyalsya nerve endings, blood circulation is normal.
Pillow 50x70 zip. Two cushion in one case. One roller to go under the neck, the other supports the head.
Due to the round shape of beads not compressed. Is two times longer than usual.
Under the order produce pillows with different fillings: wool, camel, fur-feather, beads, holofiber, buckwheat husk, little foam, with the addition of aromatic herbs.
Sew on individual dimensions.
The diameter of the roller: S=12 cm, M=15 cm L=17 cm, LL=20 see
Density can be: S-soft, N-normal, D-dense. Depends on amount of filler.
To ensure correct position of the spine, any doctor will say: "sleep on the cushion". But have you ever tried to sleep on the cushion? It's uncomfortable. Design "two cushion in one case" ensures not only the correct position of the spine, but comfort, can prevent some painful conditions. It turns out that chronic fatigue syndrome and migraines, most often, are the result of lack of sleep.
Call, ask and order your personal pillow
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