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Preparation of resume

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18 May
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Creating a resume is a crucial step in the job search process. The future salary, term of employment and the position held depends on him.  

Playground   Narmala . com   makes recommendations related to the preparation of the summary. The tips are based on the experience of our users. They will reveal the benefits of the applicant, reduce temporary and financial losses.

Common Mistakes

Many applicants follow the path of least resistance. They download a resume from the Internet, adjust it a little and send it to the employer. This approach is wrong at the root. The finished resume is written for a specific person. It reflects his strengths and weaknesses, describes the work activity, the approach to work.To get a current job application, the existing text will have to be rewritten.  

The best solution is to use a sample resume. He will provide a specific list of aspects that require coverage.

What to pay special attention to?

When preparing a resume for a job, please indicate:

Specialty. One of the required items. It is recommended to register not only the direction of activity, but also additional information (categories, categories, etc.). This will create a complete picture of your level of professionalism.

Work experience . It is not necessary to indicate all places of work, the last three are enough. A significant “track record” may be perceived as a flaw.

Achievements . Are there rewards and rewards? Be sure to report them. This will recommend you as a responsible and enterprising specialist.

Information about the formation . The presence of a profile diploma is a prerequisite for many specialties. Specify the data not only on basic education, but also on additional courses.

A correct resume is a guarantee of productive communication with the employer.

Resume posting on   Narmala . com

Publication of resumes on our site contributes to the operational solution of the employment issue. We have created optimal conditions for a quick and effective job search.

Applicants can count on:

A wide range of vacancies . Online   Narmala . com   registered hundreds of companies from more than 200 countries.

Selection of optimal solutions for any level of education . Applicants are offered engineering, humanities and general specialties. Pick a job like no trouble.

No commissions .   Narmala . com   is a free platform. There is no need to pay subscription fees and additional fees. Everything is fair and transparent.

Having difficulty with the site? Contact our consultants. They will help to resolve difficulties, will answer the available questions. You can contact the experts by phone or by electronic form.

The most popular specialties

Free Classified Narmala publishes a lot of resume. The most views are typed in the following sentences:

  • Resume sales manager . Competent sellers are needed in any distribution network. The main requirement for applicants - knowledge of professional subtleties, experience, positive recommendations from the previous place of work.
  • Summary of the driver. Recruiters are looking for drivers for cars and buses. Such specialties are in demand in large cities and towns. Applicants who are able to drive specialized vehicles are highly valued.
  • Accountant summary . A qualified accountant is a guarantee of seamless interaction with tax authorities and clients. Employers are recruiting private and management personnel.
  • Programmer's resume . IT specialists are in demand in Russia and abroad. Owners of this specialty are easily arranged in foreign companies.
  • Resume lawyer . A lawyer can get a civil service and a private organization. Qualified professionals are needed in industry and commerce.

Post a resume to work can only registered users. For successful registration, you will need to fill in the form, providing an email address and password. A letter with a confirming link will be sent to the specified box. Going through it activates the account.

Entrance to the site is possible by recording in social or search networks.

What benefits do employers get?

Site Narmala will provide invaluable assistance in the selection of personnel. The resource has many advantages:

  • Access to the resume for free . All announcements presented on the site are available to the employer.
  • Convenient search . You no longer need to make lists of favorite experts, write out phones and make notes on the margins. The automatic search algorithm will select a summary that meets the specified parameters. He will recommend applicants taking into account qualifications, work experience, desired salary and work schedule.
  • Protection from fraudsters . All resumes are thoroughly tested. If there are errors and inaccuracies, the proposals are sent for revision. The employer has access to current CVs that do not violate the resource policy.
  • Acquaintance with the resume online . Offers updated in real time. You can work with them via phone, tablet or computer. The platform is adapted for stationary and mobile devices.

Employers have access to resumes from Russia, the CIS, and foreign countries.

Posting a job ad

By posting a job at Narmala . com , you can quickly pick up a specialist. When submitting an advertisement, it is recommended to follow a number of rules:

  • Concrete . The card must contain information about the schedule, wages, bonuses. Ads with transparent terms of cooperation are popular with applicants.
  • Photo availability . Photos of production or store inspire confidence among visitors. A person can get acquainted with working conditions, assess the situation in the enterprise.
  • Lack of excessive requirements . For certain positions do not need higher, and even secondary technical education. Intentionally overestimating the bar, the employer runs the risk of missing responsible and hardworking employees.

Competently composed announcement will provide prompt staffing.

What else can be useful resource?

Narmala . com is an international marketplace. Here there are a lot of useful and interesting suggestions. Thematic sections will help you to get acquainted with them:

  • Real estate . Sale of real estate in the form of apartments, cottages, villas, commercial premises.
  • Transportation . Section on vehicles of various configurations. Here are cars, SUVs, buses, trucks. Specialized organizations can purchase equipment for engineering surveys.
  • Personal things . Clothing, electronics, furniture. In the category there is everything you need for a comfortable stay.
  • For business . Equipment and equipment for commercial purposes. In the sale of refrigerators, decorative items, clothing for staff. It is possible to purchase branded products from abroad.
  • Hobbies and recreation . Items for collectibles and outdoor activities. Buyers have access to skis, sleds, chess, embroidery kits and much more.

On Narmala . com everyone will find something of their own. Visit the site as often as possible so as not to miss the lucrative offers!