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Ads: sale and purchase of private houses, villas and cottages

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Using the platform Narmala , you can rent a cottage, buy a cottage or a plot. We publish thousands of proposals from England, France, America and Russia. You can choose the right solution for any budget. 

Vendors choose for the following reasons: 

  • A wide audience. Working with Narmala is an opportunity to sell homes in the EU and the CIS countries. Your ad will be seen by hundreds of thousands of buyers. 
  • Convenient promotion. Need an urgent sale of cottages or sale of a cottage? Take advantage of additional options. With their help, it will be possible to select an ad, to attract a maximum of customers. 
  • No fees and surcharges. Users do not pay transaction fees. Everything is honest and extremely transparent. 

Working with, you can not only realize any object moved or immovable, but also organize your own business. 

Why do customers value us? 

Buying a private house at is: 

  • A huge number of offers - With you can easily buy a cottage or rent a cottage. In the public domain thousands of different offers. 
  • Security - There is no place for fraudsters and dishonest sellers on the site. Fake ads are immediately blocked. The administration is closely monitoring the observance of order. 
  • Convenience of work - The resource has a simple and convenient interface. Staff filter will quickly pick up a cottage or guest house. All that is needed is to enter object parameters. 

You can start using the site right now! Complete a simple registration and get access to all the functions of the site. 

What ads houses are presented on the site? 

In the framework of you can purchase country houses, cottages, farm buildings: buildings differ in size, aesthetic qualities and design features. The last parameter is the most important. He plays a decisive role when choosing an object.


All presented structures can be divided into several groups: 

  • Brick - Practical and reliable constructions. Buildings have high strength properties, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Brick buildings are among the most expensive. 
  • Block - Houses from foam concrete, lightweight aggregate or arbolitovyh blocks. Practical and durable construction. According to their characteristics, they are inferior to brick, but they are cheaper. Buying a block house will save the budget by getting a beautiful and roomy building. 
  • Wooden - Houses made of uneven bars are very popular. This eco-friendly housing has its own, unique charm. In wooden buildings comfortable microclimate. They are suitable for seasonal and year-round living. 
  • Frame - Built, erected on modern technology. Prefab houses are great for commercial activities. They are often used as hotels and hostels. 

On the site a lot of ads for rental cottages. With due attention, you can find an offer with a significant discount.

Who works at the site? 

Resource publishes ads from individuals, commercial organizations and developers. Each offer is moderated . In case of violation of the rules of the site, it is blocked or sent for revision. 

Each implementer has its own features: 

  • Individuals - private traders realize the buildings erected for personal living: They offer houses made of wood, blocks, bricks, most of the buildings have a typical design, have ancillary facilities: private individuals are always ready to bargain - cooperation with them will allow you to buy a cottage or cottage . 
  • Commercial organizations are firms specializing in the sale of houses and land plots: they cooperate with private individuals and developers: when selling a cottage, an organization lays a percentage of a transaction. The premium can be 15-25%. 
  • Developers are companies that build cottages for sale: buyers can buy a cottage or a house without intermediaries - it is possible to build non-standard structures for individual orders. 

The acquisition of houses, cottages and cottages from the developer is most beneficial - the customer receives the building erected by professional builders, nobody lived in the house, its acquisition is not associated with additional margins and commissions. 

What to look for when buying a home in the secondary market? 

Before you buy or rent a cottage, you should carefully examine it. The presence of the following defects - a reason to refuse the transaction: 

  1. Cracks in the bearing walls. The disadvantage of a brick and block structures. It testifies to a violation of the construction technology, an incorrectly chosen foundation or increased heaving of the soil. When selling private homes, these defects are carefully masked. The owner can update the plaster, use putty and paint. If the building contains local areas with fresh redecoration, it is worth thinking about the advisability of the purchase. 
  2. Foundation damage. The problem is peculiar to guest houses and cottages for permanent residence. Cracks and deformations testify to the destruction of the supporting structure. In some cases, the geometry of a private house is broken. 
  3. Problems with communications. Incorrect work of engineering systems is a common nuisance. It is expressed in the odor, periodic outages of electricity, low quality tap water. Many owners sell villas with worn out nets. Identify existing problems will allow the help of a competent specialist. 
  4. Inconsistencies in the documents. Selling a house is a standardized legal procedure involving a thorough check of papers. Before making a transaction, it is recommended to consult a qualified realtor. 

Responsible and thoughtful approach will allow you to buy a house that meets all the requirements. 

Free ad serving 

Need to rent a cottage or sell a cottage? Use the help of our site. We will recommend the best options for renting, we will introduce thousands of buyers to your offer.


To successfully submit an ad, you must: 

  1. Get registered. Anyone can become an authorized user. To register on the site is enough email address or account on social networks. The procedure takes no more than one minute. 
  2. Activate the key "Add announcement". The button "Add announcement" is located in the upper right part of the screen. When pressed, the user enters the appropriate menu. Here you can enter the name of the object, its address, the main technical characteristics. It is possible to fix a photo of a building or a site Creating an informative ad with a lot of images is the key to a quick sale of an object. 
  3. Wait for the approval of the moderators. Site specialists check the announcement for errors and prohibited information. If the proposal violates the rules of the site - it is sent for revision, if not - appears in the search results. 
  4. To speed up the sale will help package additional options. With its help, it will be possible to select an ad, raise it in search results, place the “Urgent Sale” icon. The cost of services is low. Comprehensive purchase of options allows you to get the greatest discount. 

Register on the site can be individuals and commercial organizations - we will be glad to see you among the users of our site!