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The bull (calf) Jersey breed

Mogilev | Added: 19 April 2019 number: 129481
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We offer the bull for a tribe for those, who uses in his flock coating of cows a bull, and has the ability to keep their own bull for the purpose. Moreover, our bull will be interesting to those who produce the milk for cheese making. In the future, the daughters of this bull will have improved casein (C), high fat content of milk (up 7%), will not be large in size (easier to contain) and will give milk (15-25 years, possibly more, depending on the genes of a cow-mom). And cows, which will cover this bull will be easy to sense in most cases because Jersey calves are born small.
D. R. bull 28.02.2019. Thoroughbred Jersey. Dad Dubrovsky (resolution x 52100002 room mother). Mom's Caramel (sunset Canyon Dice-et x Krasulya) 7 fat, 9%. With such parents, the bull got competent inbreeding 3x4 Tiny (wonderful cow statue, with a high yield in the area of 25-30 l even in old age. Its average yield is 7818 liters of milk for 305 days of lactation, 5 fat, 9% protein 4, 07%). Because the bull has an inbreeding on the cow, there is a high probability that he will pass to the descendants of its quality.
our bull was, according to the requirements of the legislation (has electronic veterinary passport). Vaccinated by age.
to grow the meat the Jersey bull! So he's gained so much weight (for slaughter) you need to feed two times longer than the bull of a larger breed. Jersey dairy! So, who's looking for the bull "meat" - our offer is of no interest.
the photo shows the bull and his mother.
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