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Mechanized plaster walls (all types of solutions)

Mogilev | Added: 13 April 2018 number: 35989
Mechanized plaster walls (all types of solutions) from 10 rubles/sq. m (work+material)
Measurement, Consultation, Calculation no not oblige you to anything.
Provide wholesale prices on materials for plastering work.
Professional German equipment.
Our team specializiruetsya on the stucco. The first and the only one plasterer to mechanize all kinds of solutions! Great experience! More than 10000m2 for 2017
Plaster manually in the past
With the emergence of technology mechanized (machine) application of plaster no longer necessary to perform this work manually. In manual plaster mixture must be prepared in small portions. The fact that she was in for 50 minutes freezes, and the manual operations are slow. Even the most skilled plasterer will not be able each time to prepare a solution of the same consistency and apply it on the entire surface at the same time. He first knead the solution, then sprinkles it on the wall. The result is a scale effect, whereby one part of the wall is almost dry, another is beginning to dry up, and the third is being processed. Over time, these surfaces may have irregularities and cracks. And mechanized plaster in contrast to the manual, to be applied quickly and smoothly.
When the machine method of applying the solution quality of finish is higher than in the plaster of the walls manually. It is also important that the plaster machine saves the solution, because it uses much less. The reason for this saving – units in the plastering machine, which during the mixing process, the mixture saturated with air and the solution becomes more voluminous. Consequently, at hand the plaster should be about 16 kg of solution per 1 m2, and when mechanized -13 kg per 1 m2. The difference is 3 kg for one layer. And since you need to apply three layers, then the saving is 9 kg per 1 m2.
When mechanized plaster wall surface is processed in a shorter time. In this regard, significantly increases productivity. Plastering machine causes the solution to the surface faster. Therefore, it is possible to use wider and longer and plaster tools (rules, spatula), in contrast to the tool of a plasterer, working manually. In this regard, the wall becomes smoother. And evenness of the walls is very important in the further work. For example, laying tile and fit skirting boards are directly dependent on the smoothness of the walls
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