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Bengal kittens

Minsk | Added: 26 October 2017 number: 19296
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As descendants of the famous Asian Leopard cats, Bengal cats are quite curious, friendly, energetic, with a great intellect. Not afraid of water.
Kittens from cattery: healthy, educated, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts.
Will tell you all about this breed and temper, how to buy the right kitten. What you need to buy, what food to buy, how to care, all tell :)
"Their" lions do not abandon, we will advise you throughout the life of Kote!
Bengal cats as a breed first introduced to the cat community at an exhibition in 1987. In 1991, the Bengal cat, officially recognized and registered and allowed to exhibitions and pedigree breeding.
One of the names of the wild Bengal cat is "leopard cat", therefore there is an assumption about her close relationship with the leopard. in fact, it is far from a leopard as a house cat, though belonging to a different genus - the genus of the Asian cats. Today, the breed is gaining in popularity, including in Russia.
We offer You a beautiful leopard kittens.
Come, look, choose a friend for many years.
Kittens are socially adapted and ready to move into a new house.
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