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Requires insulation of the facade

Minsk | Added: 4 July 2018 number: 85465
8 000 RUB
Address: Minsk, Минский район, Валерьяново, Белорусская, 5, show the map
In the Minsk district (Valerian, Belarusian, 5) insulation of the facade of a private house.
Walls: insulate with mineral wool 50 mm (Hotrok ABOUT the FACADE, decor plaster kameshkovaya ST 174-1,5 mm., prepared, tinted in cans of 25 kg) – 297 sq. m.
The Foundation of the cap: insulate betaplex 30 mm, decor– decorative plaster dry kameshkovaya 1.5 mm in bags (without painting) – 19 sq. m.
Slopes: insulation foam 20 mm + dekorativka ST 174 – about 70 M. p.
The Foundation of the porch to align with plaster without insulation + decorative plaster dry kameshkovaya 1.5 mm in bags, without painting – 18 sq. m.
Garage: without insulation (for insulated, reinforced and primed), only dekorativka ST 174 (without painting) -26 sq. m.
Filing: only the painting (without removing the gutter) – 36 sq. m.
Prerequisite - setup Your woods all around the house (approximately 54 sections).
The site for the forest over the roofs of the two porches (see photo) prepared. All materials available. Everything is ready, in order to establish the forest and to start work.
Please determine and report final contract amount for all work under the key.
Victor V. Fedosik.
Vel. 029 657 91 54
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