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Carpet cleaning With pickup and delivery TO the SHOP

Minsk | Added: 24 December 2018 number: 108784

Address: Minsk, Партизанский пр-т 109, show the map

    Carpet cleaning with pickup and delivery to the shop
    company “Minsk KLINING” provides services for cleaning carpets with the export to the shop. Working on the market since 2012.
    dry cleaning is with us 4 easy steps
    step I. Take the carpet out of the house and taking them to the shop (You leave one copy of the order agreement).
    step II. In the shop the carpet:
    a) measure - to determine the exact cost of the work;
    b) knock in vilivalla apparatus;
    C) special rotary brushes clean the most stubborn dirt;
    d) wash in running water;
    d) squeeze in a centrifuge;
    e) dried in the drying chamber.
    step Iii. Then we ship, dry and clean carpets to your home.
    step IV. Payment for our services after You received the carpets clean.
    thanks to the professionalism of our specialists and high-quality European equipment of the company Protima we are able to remove:
    - grime;
    - food and beverages;
    - the smell of urine of Pets;
    - smells prelosti and decay;
    - traces of paint, markers, gel pens;
    traces from the street;
    - and so dirt.
    calculation of the cost of dry-cleaning
    the prices for services of dry cleaning carpet:
    carpet with a short NAP - 5, 50 RUB/m2
    - shag carpet - 6, 00 RUB/m2;
    - wool carpet - 6, 60 RUB/m2.
    please note that the minimum order is 35 rubles., ie if You take a small Mat and cost less than 35 rubles, then the amount of Your order is 35 RUB.
    how quickly You get your clean carpet back
    the delivery time: 5 working days, i.e. on Monday if we took Your carpet, we clean carpet will have You.
    SP Gameso J. D Minsk-cleaning
    Minsk, Partizansky PR-t, 109
    UNP 191635865
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