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Minsk | Added: 20 January 2018 number: 25885

Address: Minsk, улица Казинца, 19, show the map

    Replacement of circuit breakers;
    Replacing sockets and wiring;
    Replacement of electrical (full or partial) in the apartment, office and other premises;
    Installation of telephone lines and TV antennas;
    Hitch chandeliers, sconces, lamps;
    Produce electrical work in the different rooms;
    Connection of TV and telephone lines to the lines in the shield;
    The connection of the heater (the electrical part);
    The connection of power lines in the shield;
    Search and Troubleshooting in the wiring;
    Electrical wiring;
    Laying TV cable;
    Laying of telephone cable;
    Laying electric wires;
    Setting a call;
    Installation of call buttons
    The installation of chandeliers, lamps and sconces.
    Installation of outlet, switch
    Installing electrical outlets in drywall.Installing fixtures on the ceiling "Armstrong";
    Installation of fixtures point;
    Install the outlet on an electric stove;
    Installation of the switchboard;
    Partial or full replacement of electrical wiring;
    Shtroblenie walls under the wire
    Yip Rutkowski S. A.
    UNP 191189449.
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