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Suspended ceiling – how to calculate the price
as practice has shown, most buyers of stretch ceilings with the installation of a home do not understand what is the price of the key.
let us consider an example on how to set up the price. For example, there is a standard room square 15 sq. m.; perimeter 16 p. m;
lighting 1 chandelier; material Mat white PVC.
the calculation of the stretch ceiling in the bathroom under the key: the cost of the film 7, 5P/sq. m*15 m = 112, 5P;
the cost of installation of films 3, 5P/sq. m*15 m = 52, 5P;
the cost profile(molding) together with the installation 5P/p. m*p. 16 m = 80R;
the insertion cost(the plinth) together with the installation 1P/p. m*p. m 16 = 16P;
the cost of installation of equipment(installation of platform, cabling) 15P/unit*1 l = 15P;
the cost of installation in a Niche under the eaves (up to 3 metres) 60p/PCs = 65R
the cost of installing 341р - 15% discount total:289, 85
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