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Driveshaft. Repair, Balancing (to lengthen, to shorten, making the shaft under the order).

Minsk | Added: 9 October 2018 number: 97488
38 EUR
Type of equipment:: truck/tractors 
Repair and Balancing of drive shafts to the trucks, buses, minibuses, agricultural machinery, etc. (foreign and domestic). MAZ-man, Ford transit, Volkswagen crafter, Mercedes sprinter, Volkswagen lt, Iveco, Man, MAZ, MZKT, MoAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL, Paz, GAS, etc.
specialized STO "Kardan Master" UNP 191757428 - makes balancing and repair of 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, and supporting the propeller shafts and transmissions (up to 4 meters in length, weighing up to 200kg) to vehicles imported and domestically produced. Service repair, manufacture and service of drive shafts, all types of repair (quality +warranty). The balancing shaft is produced on modern computer hardware(the machine) at 2500 rpm. Always in stock spare parts for shafts or quick selection. (I take credit for the work performed - a cardan shaft used or new at a reasonable price). Manufacture of the propeller shaft under the order.
375(29)676-12-57, t.f.375(17)307-23-01 Minsk: Zhdanovichi str Ring - 1(b) (100 meters from the ring road, landmark - exit from the external ring to Stroymarket "warehouse on the ring road")
*Troubleshooting and vibration diagnostics card.shaft(free)
*repair of 2, 3, 4 bearing drive gear
*balancing the propeller shaft.
*balancing 2, 3, 4 bearing drive gear
*balancing of drive gear(up to 4 meters long.)
*replacement of the universal joints of the propeller shaft.
*boring nodes of the propeller shaft.
*replacement flange of the propeller shaft.
*replacement outboard bearing of the propeller shaft.
*replacement of weld-on propeller shaft yoke.
*replacement of the splines of the propeller shaft.
*replacement of damaged pipe of a propeller shaft.
*changing the length of the propeller shaft(to extend, shorten)
*manufacture of the propeller shaft under the order.
*other(repair welding) work
parts for repair:
cross 6430-3444063 19х58
cross 104-3444063 19х58
cross 5320-3422039 28х69х37, 2
cross 400-2201025 28х73
cross 408-2201025 28х73
cross 412-2201025 28х83
cross 3102-2201025 30х88
cross 469-2201025 30х88
cross 34-2201025 30х88
the cross-piece 72-2203025рн 30х88
the crosspiece 53A-2201025 35х98
the crosspiece 53A-2201025-10 35х98
cross 130-2201025-02 39х118
cross 5320-2201025 39х118
cross Жд1-4250025 50х135
cross 701-2208010р-01 50х135
cross 5320-2205025 50х135
cross 210-2201025 50х155
cross 4310-2205025 50х155
cross 53205-2201025 50х135
cross 53205-2205025 50х155
cross 6520-2201025 50х135
cross 6520-2201025-10 47, 6х135
cross 6520-2205025-10 57х144
cross 6520-2205025 57х152
cross 84-2205025 57х152
cross 7522 -2201025 62х173
cross 700.22.01.080 R 62х173
cross 540-2201025 62х173
cross 7555-2201025 72х185
plug skillsusa (62х173) 7522-2201047-10
plug skillsusa (62х173) 7522-2201048-10
plug skillsusa (62х173) 64221-2201047
plug skillsusa (57х152) 84-2205047-10
plug skillsusa (50х155) 6422-2205047-10
plug skillsusa (50х135) 53205-2201047-10
plug skillsusa (50х155) 53205-2205047-20
plug skillsusa (50х155) 500A-2201047-b
plug skillsusa (50х135) 500-2201047-b
plug skillsusa (50х135) 53205-2201047
plug weld (62х173) 64221-2205022
plug weld (57х152) 84-2205022
plug weld (50х155) 53205-2205022
plug weld (50х135) 53205-2201022-01
plug weld (39х118) 130-2201022
sleeve rills. covered. 53205-2201105-30
sleeve rills. covered. 84-2205105
sleeve rills. covered. 6422-2205105
the end of the slotted 7522-2201020-10
the end of the slotted D-65 63031-2202020
the end of the spline D-60 5336-2202020-10
promopora 53-2202081
promopora 4370-2202081
promopora 5336-2202086
promopora 63031-2202086
flange d=65mm 64226-2502129
flange d=65mm 63031-2202050-10
flange d=60mm 54326-2402061
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