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Minsk | Added: 14 March 2019 number: 121138

Address: Minsk, П.Бровки, 8б, show the map

    OOO "lizard-SV" producer in the Republic of Belarus
    Metal stainless steel products;
    - Welded products made of aluminium;
    - Metal products from black steel
    for individual orders of all sizes and shapes such as:
    metal furniture for office and industrial premises: under the order
    - Tables of metal for kitchen from stainless steel;
    - sorting and packing type Tables;
    - bar Chairs;
    - Style furniture, Loft Beds, Tables, different;
    - Metal racks. exclusive interior design products of metal: under the order
    - metal frames for furniture;
    metal Countertops.
    fencing: under the order
    - metal Fences, Gates;
    - Garage door;
    - Temporary fencing;
    - Stair railings;
    - Railings;
    - Input group;
    - Balcony railings;
    - Lawn fence; Outdoor construction: under the order
    - Bicycle Parking areas;
    - Benches of metal;
    - metal Bins;
    - metal frame for Canopies, awnings;
    - metal base for Stairs
    Decorative architectural forms;
    - Ramps of metal;
    Brazier, Cvetnic;
    - Greenhouses etc.
    warehouse equipment: under the order
    - archival storage Racks;
    - mobile Truck;
    - Trolley for roll materials;
    - Racks for pickup of tires;
    - Metal cabinets for documents;
    - Safes;
    Crates and Containers of metal;
    - Gas cylinder cabinets, etc. miscellaneous: under the order
    - Metal brackets;
    Off - grid pits;
    Off - grid doormat;
    - metal Window screens;
    - various parts of mechanisms and machines;
    Platform scales (production);
    - Horizontal bars, parallel Bars etc.
    in addition to the manufacture of metal products, LLC "lizard-SV" provides services for metal processing:
    milling; turning; drilling; boring; grinding; welding works;
    - metalwork; cutting metal; subvariety;
    - restore the wear mechanisms; manufacturing slots.
    our production is in the center of Minsk (metro station Academy of Sciences) that gives you the opportunity to save on transportation costs.
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