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Ads: buying and selling Cameras and equipment for photography

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Looking for a good camera? You have come to the right place!

On the website there are many cameras for Amateur and professional use professional shooting.

The range of solutions from foreign and domestic manufacturers. New and used equipment is offered.


Why Narmala?


Site users can count on: 

  • A rich range of models. In the sale of film and digital cameras. Products differ in performance, dimensions, cost. The most demanding people will be able to choose the right equipment users. 
  • Always the best deals. Buy a Canon camera or the Sony camera will succeed with a significant discount. On the site regularly promotions are held, sales are organized. 
  • Convenient search. Need a model with specific parameters? Use the standard search engine. She will help you buy a camera, meets the existing requirements. 
  • Fair deal. Administrators monitor security buyers and sellers. All ads are moderated. In case of violation the offer is blocked in the service rules. 
  • Prompt sale of the product. Quickly sell your camera Nikon, Samsung, or Zenit will help you with additional options. They will allow you to select ad, pin it to the top of the search, add an icon "hot offer". The cost of services is low. For a complex order a discount is provided. 

You can get detailed information about the camera, by contacting the seller. It offers users a functional online chat. 

Who sells the cameras? 

The products are sold by individuals and stores. The first type of seller offers a piece product. Many private companies provide a substantial discount.


A huge amount of equipment is available to store customers. In sales of film cameras, digital devices, underwater cameras shooting. Buyers can order compact cameras and specialized equipment equipment. The product is covered by the warranty. 

Registration on the site 

It is not difficult to create an account. To do this, fill in registration form or use an account from a social network. The supported accounts Yandex and Google.


Registered users get full access to resource. They can publish and edit ads, apply additional options, communicate with buyers and sellers. 

  • The range of products presented
  • How do I sell my existing equipment?
  • How do buyers and sellers interact?
  • Sections worthy of attention 

Buying a professional camera is easier than you think. Just use the Narmala search. The standard algorithm will select products, considering the price, model, and year of manufacture. It will offer solutions for the sophisticated photographers and newcomers. 

What cameras can I buy on Narmala  

Always available: 

  • Practice Cameras. Functional solutions from a trusted manufacturer. These cameras are particularly popular in Of Russia. 
  • Nikon Cameras. Cameras for professionals in their field. Products are equipped with sensitive lenses that provide high-quality shooting in all weather conditions. 
  • Sony Cameras. Ads for Sony cameras they are represented in a significant number. The product is in demand due to affordable price and high quality. Sony digital cameras have different execution. Models for mountain climbers, submariners and travelers. 
  • Lake's Cameras. An old German brand that has not lost relevance. The manufacturer produces SLR cameras with the highest quality performance characteristics. 
  • Samsung cameras . Most Samsung cameras it is aimed at the General public. They are simple, functional and accessible. Buy you can use this brand only if you have no skills at all. 
  • Panasonic Cameras. Panasonic digital cameras they have a reasonable price and are equipped with good optics. They allow you to do take high-quality photos and videos. 
  • Olympic cameras. Equipment under this brand can sold in various variations. Digital and film solutions are available. The majority of photography lovers will be able to buy suitable products. 
  • Genius Cameras. Practical technique with rich functionality. The products are suitable for photographers of any level. 

Polaroid cameras can also be purchased on the site Narmala. Visitors can use camera film, cases and accessories for carrying. If necessary, you can buy a tripod for your camera and light filters for the camera.


Users can view the lenses on cameras, flash prices, and chargers. Within the site there are a lot of equipment under warranty. 

You can sell photography equipment quickly and easily.

The location of the proposal is carried out in three steps: 

  • Registration and authorization. Only people can submit ads registered users. You can become one in a few minutes. Just fill out the form or use an account from social networks. 
  • Creating an ad. The offer is generated in in the "Add ad" section. Here you can enter the product name, price, and model. The seller can pin photos of the product and its detailed description. 
  • Passing verification. The finished ad is sent for moderation. If there are no errors or violations, it is allowed to be published. 

It takes about 30 minutes to prepare and submit an offer. Ad verification rules are the same for individuals and online stores.


The parties to the transaction communicate in one of three ways: 

  • Via internal chat. Universal form of communication, optimal in most cases. Here you can ask any questions: how adjust the shutter speed on the camera, whether free delivery is possible, is there a discount when purchasing? 
  • On the phone. Direct communication is important when finding the parties in one locality, for example, in Moscow. If the buyer and seller located in different cities, it is better to use the chat. 
  • Through social networks. The seller can attach a link to page in social networks. This will allow you to provide additional information about product. 

Internal chat works on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices devices. In its functionality it is similar to most modern ones messengers.


The Narmala website does not only feature photography equipment. Visitors will find a lot of useful categories: 

  • Dating . A great opportunity to make new friends and find a loved one. 
  • Real estate . This section is dedicated to apartments, cottages and commercial premises. You can use it to sell your home or buy it garage. 
  • Transport . Sale of passenger cars, specialized vehicles and motorcycles. 

Many interesting offers are contained in the categories " Personal things ","Work ","Consumer electronics ".


Regular visits to the site will allow you to make profitable and nice shopping!