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Mill. Ultrasonic electromagnetic mill

Kursk | Added: 1 October 2018, number: 96307
15 000 RUB
Address: Kursk, г.Курск ул. Красной Армии 29-а, оф. 34, map
Ultrasonic electromagnetic, the mill is capable of grinding metals, abrasives and diamonds to mix bulk materials, homogenizing fluids, and more. Provides intensification of technological processes.The apparatus of the vortex layer allow to intensify a number of technological processes due to the complex influence on the treated material intensive mixing and dispersion, acoustic and electromagnetic processing, friction, high local pressures, electrolysis.
The apparatus of the Vortex Layer or AVS-100 has passed the industrial tests at the enterprises in various industrial processes. As practice shows, ABC effectively replaces such devices as ball, vibrating, hammer mills, various grinders and dispersers. AVS is used as reactors, mixers and other equipment.
in the processes of sewage treatment (wastewater treatment from hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals, purification from phenols, cyanide compounds, fluorine and nitrocompounds);
in the production of construction materials (expanded clay industry, production of sand-lime brick, etc.);
in technological processes of rubber production (production of suspensions in latex technology, the handling of dry powders, production of highly dispersed stable suspensions);
intensification of chemical processes (redox reactions, reactions of compounds — polymerization and polycondensation processes, substitution reactions, decomposition reactions, hydrolysis processes, etc.);
the intensification of the processes of powder metallurgy;
mixing of bulk materials.
in the electronics industry;
in the mining chemicals (cosmelenia ores and concentrates, dissolution and leaching, cementation of metals, extraction, flotation, selective crushing of minerals, obtaining dispersed hydroxides and carbonates);
in the production of diamond and abrasive tools;
when grinding cellulose;
for obtaining metal-polymer compositions;
in the manufacture of varnishes and paints;
to receive drilling fluid;
to obtain a combustible mixture for the ship installations;
in the foundry;
for the treatment of metals and plastics to remove burrs and burrs;
the cooling of the rental, in particular pipes;
for the regeneration of the structured polymer;
in the food industry (production of sauces and mayonnaise, dough, yeast, meat processing and fish, etc.);
in many other processes.
The vortex layer machine AVS-100, intensification of technological processes.
Quick details:
The apparatus of the vortex layer (ABC) is a hollow cylinder of nonmagnetic material, inside which is placed neravnovesnye ferromagnetic particles, and the outside is mounted inductor system of the windings creates a rotating magnetic field. Leading particles in complex movement forms a field of them in the working zone of the reactor of the vortex layer. Each particle moves in the direction of the field rotation at a speed which can reach rotation speed, and simultaneously performs a processional rotation about their least axis at a speed to 1 ( g — 10 revolutions per second.
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