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Plastic modular pontoons

Crimea | Added: 13 April 2018 number: 36039
13 000 RUB
The minimum order is 10 sq. m
Modular pontoons are formed of the cubic module size "50смх50смх40см. Modular pontoons are mounted to each other and fastened with a special locking device, made according to special design.
Using plastic pontoons, it is possible to mount a dock, pier or floating platform of any configuration. Mounted on pontoons, ladders in the water, rails, pools for swimming, for both adults and children. The pontoons can be used as mooring for boats, yachts, jet ski, Canoeing, pier and other small vessels.
Where can used pontoon system
Pontoon system perform the role of bearing surface, which can be used in various types of activities such as water sports, to military units, farms for breeding of fish, as well as for personal use.
*As the crossing and a helipad on the water surface;
*Coastal strip, the safety barriers;
*Berths for yachts and a Park with various swimming facilities;
*Gaming rafts, platforms;
*Grounds for separate purposes, etc.
The advantages of our pontoon systems
*Quality execution of the project and affordable price;
*Durable and flexible structure;
*Aesthetic design with modules;
*Ability to select color;
*Quick and easy installation;
*Environmentally safe;
*A long service life.
Technically it is extraordinary easy to use product. It allows comfortable use any type of Bank, regardless of the type of water - whether sea, river or reservoir.
Plastic piers have a modular platform-a modern, environmentally friendly floating tool. This floating platform is a flat, collapsible design, consisting of separate floating elements, fastened together with special fastening devices.
The safety of pontoon systems to the environment and humans is provided by environmentally friendly materials.
The Assembly of these modular pontoons are so simple that they can collect each, just to bring the blocks to each other , to insert connecting pin and rotate it using the key. The modules can be assembled on any platform , ranging from 1 sq. m . the weight of one module is 5 kg.
Use options ( quays, pontoons, rafts, beaches, areas for sporting events) – all this makes the island of pontoon systems as functional as possible.
1 square meter pontoon designed for a load of 360 kg, a Small raft will easily withstand car, and you can also arrange berths for yachts and boats. The use of moorings for watercraft, boats etc. makes your island is essential for your comfort.
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