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The scenery Marvel-water decor.

Krasnoyarsk | Added: 16 October 2017 number: 17486
500 RUB
The quality and uniqueness!
It was an exact replica of the marine ecosystem: coral, branches,
acorns, starfish, bowls and more. We create
this product does not damage the underwater world.
Resistance to impact. This is ensured by special
patented properties of the materials used
in the manufacture of decorations.
Longevity (around 25 years).
Do not give in to rot and mold to grow, which speaks of
good performance characteristics.
Environmental friendliness and safety. The scenery is not isolated
any odors or toxic substances.
Such scenery is not deformed, not crack, and that
most importantly in this case – does not absorb moisture, but
excellent "breathe".
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