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Liquid insulation Akterm Concrete 10 l 3800 RUB.

Krasnoyarsk | Added: 19 September 2018 number: 94775

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    AKTERM Concrete is a liquid insulating material, specially designed for insulation of surfaces of concrete, brick and limestone. Also it can also be applied to the putty and plaster. Kroie said that, this coating protects against condensation and freezing. In the composition are inhibitors of fungus and mold. The material produced in the water-dispersion based, free of organic solvents and volatile compounds, so it is safe and non-toxic, making suitable for use both outside and indoors.
    • insulation of the surfaces of household and industrial objects
    • insulation of loggias, balconies, basements
    • insulation of interpanel seams of facades
    • heat retention, elimination of fungus, prevent the emergence of ice
    • thermally insulated "breathable" surfaces of concrete, brick, limestone
    • protection of walls, floors from freezing
    • wall insulation from the inside
    • weatherization and insulation of window slopes
    AKTERM Concrete must be applied with a layer thickness of at least 1 mm at ambient temperature from +7° to +45°C on the surface, with a temperature from +7°to +45°C. After drying the insulating layer for 24 hours the surface can be operated in the temperature range from -60°C to +140°C.
    T consumption 1 liter per 1 m2 of the surface with a layer thickness of 1 mm. the color of the coating after drying is white.
    Water is the solvent.
    Transportation conditions of the product at the temperature from +7°to +40°C.
    AKTERM Concrete:
    • reduces heat loss
    • allows the tinting to create aesthetic appearance of the surface
    • has a low coefficient of surface tension
    • does not create additional load on the insulated surface
    • guaranteed to retain heat
    • has properties of sound insulation and waterproofing
    The price is 3800 RUB. per 10 l.
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