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Automatic watering system with soil moisture sensor for irrigation system cap.

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Automatic watering "WOW-Rodnik" is designed for automatic irrigation, soil moisture sensor, in greenhouses or in open ground (in the rain watering in hot weather watering will often, with the cold irrigation will be less frequent).
Automatic watering "WOW-Rodnik-1" powered by 220 volts. For gravity water supply. Used with drip irrigation systems in greenhouses.
Automatic watering "WOW-Rodnik-2" powered by AA batteries. For gravity water supply. Used with drip irrigation systems in greenhouses and in open soil.
In the auto-irrigation kit includes:
1.Power supply 220V/=12V. or power supply with batteries.
2.Electric crane. The throughput of the electrovalve 80%. Convenient for gravity fed garden water supply (tanks, barrels).
3.Touch probe with cable.
4.Manual with warranty card.
Specifications: solenoid valve Size: 90х70х70мм. The diameter of the connecting fittings of the electrovalve 20mm. Valve capacity more than 80%. The water pressure from 0 to 2 atmospheres. Power supply ADC 220 - 12V. or power supply with alkaline AA batteries, battery life up to one year. Led humidity indicator. Long probe cable – 2 m. set Weight: 0.7 kg.
The principle of operation. Set "WOW-Rodnik-1" and "WOW-Rodnik-2" consists of an electric crane (hereinafter tap), with built-in charge controller. From the valve body leaves the cable, the end of which are mounted probes for measuring soil moisture. On the faucet there is a led indicator and power socket. The indicator informs the controller Board and the moisture in the soil. Measuring soil moisture probes, the controller issues a command to the actuator to open or close the valve for watering.
Recommendations on installation. Prior to installation, test the device. The entrance of the crane "2" connect the clamp and flexible PVC hose 3/4, garden water pipe "4". To the output of the tap, connect the drip tape to "5". Ribbon spread along the plants. The water feeding into the irrigation system through a mechanical filter that would not clog drippers, tap. If you have prepared the irrigation system, the valve is placed between the input of water in the greenhouse and watering system.
Probes of metal stick in the ground, on the label, to a depth of 4-5cm. The distance between the probes 30-35cm. Soil moisture is regulated by the distance between the probes and the distance of the probe from the damp spots around the dropper. The greater the distance between the probes or the probes farther away from the wet spot the wetter the soil, the plant and Vice versa.
You cannot use the automatic WOW-Rodnik-1, OH-Spring-2 in water with high pressure, it will lead to the deterioration of the device. For water with high pressure is, WOW-Rodnik-3, OGO-Spring-4.
What are the advantages to use watering system "WOW-Rodnik":
1.Continuous monitoring of soil moisture (in the rain watering in hot weather watering will often, and in cold weather less common). 2.A limited amount of water will be used efficiently, especially during prolonged absence of you at the cottage. 3.There is no need to constantly monitor the soil moisture, as if you used the timer. If changed weather conditions it is necessary to change the program on the timer. Plants grew again, it is necessary to change the program. Our device is devoid of this drawback 4.You don't need to rush to the cottage to spend money and time to water the greenhouse or the beds in the garden – automatic irrigation system will do it themselves.
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