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The cation exchanger KU 2-8 Na-form (bag 20kg)

Krasnodar | Added: 16 October 2017 number: 17542
99 RUB
Apply the cation exchange resin KU-2-8 in water treatment process for water purification from impurities, for softening and demineralization of hard water, wastewater treatment on an industrial scale.
Main characteristics is stable to changes in osmotic pressure, high resistance against chemical and physical effects, a high degree of abrasion resistance of the granules to the action of oxidizing agents, alkalis, to thermal effects. Granules of the cation exchange resin KU-2-8 are not washed out and do not dissolve in solutions and water. When interacting with water to swell. The process of softening and purification of water is carried out by passing it through a filter placed inside the cation.
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