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Want to buy quality, original jewelry? Take advantage of the offer Our site contains thousands of ads from domestic and foreign sellers. Products from Russia, France, Germany and the USA are available to buyers.

What can be purchased on the site? presents jewelry and accessories. On sale:


  • Ladies Watch. Refined watches, made by experienced craftsmen. In the range of models from modern collections and rare products.


  • Men's watch. Functional products from leading manufacturers. Collectible products and models for everyday use. Sold pocket and wrist watches.


  • Wedding rings. Inexpensive rings are available on Standard and exclusive products are offered. Products vary in size, style and condition.


  • Bijouterie. Aesthetic and inexpensive jewelry. Products are in perfect harmony with the festive attire and a strict business suit.


Buy jewelry offered by individuals and shops. The product range is periodically expanded. Regularly there are new, interesting offers.


How to choose the right product?

Buy watches, jewelry or jewelry will help search. The user only needs to enter the product parameters:


  • Name. Original product name, on example of "ring" or "earrings."


  • Category. For the convenience of customers, the goods are divided into three groups: “Watches”, “Jewelry” and “Costume Jewelery”. To search in all categories, select “All”.


  • Price. Estimated cost of goods. Leaving the field empty, you can see all the offers for the current request.


  • The presence of photos. Option to sort ads with images.


The site presents ads marked “Urgent sale”. Such products are sold at a substantial discount. Their acquisition will be the most profitable.

Work with

Using Narmala is convenient and safe. The site has a nice interface, has a wide functionality. Visitors can contact the sellers via electronic form or social networks. The help in the solution of the arisen questions is rendered by regular support service.


To complete the work with the platform, you must pass a simple registration. This can be done through a standard form, an account in search engines or social networks . The procedure takes no more than one minute.

What are the advantages of a resource?

Using the Narmala site will provide the following benefits:

  • Acquisition of products without intermediaries . Silver jewelry, gold wedding rings, and diamond pendants are sold directly. No fees and commissions.
  • Rich assortment . Visitors can buy men's watches, diamond wedding rings, women’s gold watches. The product range is updated daily. In the sale of jewelry from famous brands and high-quality jewelry.
  • Discounts and nice bonuses . Many sellers organize promotions and pre-holiday sales. Taking advantage of the moment, you can buy women's watches wrist and platinum wedding rings at an affordable price.
  • Getting a complete picture of the product . On the product page there is a description, photos, videos. If necessary, the seller fixes a link to the jewelry catalog.

As part of the site is selling products made of silver, gold, platinum. Presents men's and women's wrist watches, original gifts for the new year, diamond souvenirs.

How to sell Swiss watches, silver earrings and other valuables?

Post a free ad can any authorized user. He will need:

  • Open electronic form . The seller clicks on the button "Add announcement" and gets into the appropriate section.
  • To form an offer . The implementer talks about the features of the decoration, puts photos and videos. It is recommended to remove the product from several angles. This will give the buyer a complete picture of the product.
  • Submit an ad for review . Each offer is viewed by moderators. In case of violation of the rules of the site, it is not allowed to be published.

Competently composed announcement will help to quickly sell Swiss watches for men, wedding rings made of platinum, jewelry for women.

What to look for when buying products?

Before you buy a piece of jewelry, you should carefully study it. Deserves special attention:

  • Price. The low cost of the product is caused by two reasons: urgent sale and low quality of the product. When buying inexpensive goods you should definitely check their authenticity.
  • State. At the site you can buy silver jewelry, New Year's souvenirs, stylish accessories. Presents new and used goods. Products in use may have cosmetic damage.
  • Size. Acquire products is based on its characteristics. When using watches, rings or chains, there should be no discomfort.

Many sellers sell goods with delivery. Visitors can buy original products from Switzerland, France, Australia.

Who is trading on the site?

Jewelry and Christmas decorations are offered by various sellers:

  • Individuals. Ordinary users who sell products owned. They offer goods in different condition. As a rule, these are used products that have minor defects. Cooperation with individuals allows you to get the greatest discount.
  • Online shopping. Large virtual networks that sell new products. Such sellers have a significant range and fixed prices. The possibility of bargaining is minimized.
  • Representatives of jewelry stores . Users representing retail stores. The buyer can purchase goods remotely or by visiting a retail outlet. The second option is more rational. It allows you to try on the product, consider it live.

To give preference to responsible, honest sellers. This guarantees the purchase of high-quality jewelry.

What sections are present on the site?

In the framework of Narmala . com is purchased not only jewelry products. Users have access to many useful sections:

  • Services . The help of specialists in solving these or other issues. Visitors can enlist the help of plumbers, engineers, translators, mechanics. Submitted suggestions from web designers and programmers.
  • Lost / Found . The section dedicated to losses and discoveries. Here are the announcements about the disappearance of documents, decorations, family values.
  • Hobbies and recreation . Products for a bright and fulfilling life. Buyers are offered sports equipment, handicraft kits, collection products. In the sale of skis, skates, bicycles.
  • Dating . Section for people who want to find a friend or soul mate. It contains user profiles containing photos and detailed descriptions.

Narmala site will help solve household and production problems. Here you will be able to pick up the vehicle, the original decoration, qualified assistant.

Get access to the capabilities of the resource by passing a simple registration!