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Remove traces of fire

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Remove soot, smoke and smell of burning after a fire;
what we clean:
1. cleaning of the industrial premises after a fire.
2. cleaning of the apartment after the fire
3. cleaning the house after the fire
4. restore and repair the house after the fire
5. restore burned-out cars.
6. Cleaning the bath after the fire.
7. to wash the brick after a fire
work is performed by the method
sandblasting is the most effective way to clean up after the fire.
1. Remove traces of fire in such a way safe for the environment.
2. removed not only the soot and smoke, but the smell of burning.
3. Sand blasting allows you to clean hard to reach places where it is not always possible to get hands.
4. processing speed up to 40 m2 per hour.
5. reasonable prices.
our experts will be able to clear the debris remaining after the fire, sort items (spoons, forks, dishes, documents, etc.). To make the burnt furniture, appliances and more.
we will perform a full tidy of the room.
find out the exact cost of the work.
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