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Plaster fast curing Remmers Sanierputz WD

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Plaster Remmers Sanierputz WD is a light mineral compound of industrial origin. Implemented in paper bags weighing 20 kg. we Have the price of plaster Remmers Sanierputz WD is the most democratic.
plaster contains fiber, as a rule, quite one-layer application. The product has insulating and insulating properties.
plaster Remmers Sanierputz WD is used:
to restart, transformation, and rehabilitation of surfaces with high humidity and a significant salt load;
- for the local reorganization of the basement;
the plaster is designed to conduct rapid renewal works. Directly to surfaces with high salt impact is used in combination with Remmers Grundputz. With us You can buy plaster Remmers Sanierputz WD is available.
plaster Remmers Sanierputz WD is characterized by the following properties:
- creates excellent insulation;
- set a swift pace, without the occurrence of cracks;
even at the raised humidity of air quickly grasped.
- very economical;
- you can apply a single layer, the width of the layer to 30 mm;
- resistance to curtailment meets the requirements of CS Ii;
- Flammability Euroclass A1.
we offer you to order a plaster Remmers Sanierputz WD on the most favorable terms.
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