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Primer concentrate. Dispersion impregnation Nano-fix

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Nano-fix is a unique, environmentally friendly fine - dispersed nano-impregnation based on the composition of acrylic resins with special polymer additives. Available in the form of a liquid, highly concentrated suspension.
nano-fix contains in its structure of nano-sized (10-50 nm) particles of high quality special polymers and because of that has excellent properties:
• has excellent permeability in porous materials, evens out the absorbency of porous substrates;
• provides dust control, increases surface strength
• wear resistance of concrete, cement, plaster, stone and wooden surfaces before application of glue, paints and other coatings;
• increases adhesion between different materials that reduces the absorbency of the surface and thus significantly reduces the consumption of adhesives, paints
• and other materials applied;
• can be used outdoors to enhance and protect surfaces
• concrete, cement, natural stone and wood from destruction under the influence
• uf-rays, atmospheric precipitation and temperature changes;
• is a hypoallergenic material because it does not contain chemical solvents, toxic ingredients or harmful compounds;
• increases the service life of surfaces;
• retains vapor permeability of surfaces;
• compatible with all plasters, putty and paints;
• has a slight neutral smell, which quickly evaporates when dry impregnation.
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