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Anti-rust primer Nano-fix Anticor

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On extending the service lives of steel structures, scientists in different countries have been working for many decades. Thus, the Russian scientists were able to create a chemical composition which became the progenitors of our coatings Nano-fix "anticor".
the composition Nano-fix "anticor" is a nano-sized Sol of silicic acid and aluminol (bamit). Additive nanoscale colloidal solution in composition Nano-fix "anticor" allows for substantial reductions in the content of organic binder while maintaining elasticity of coating and significant increase in adhesion to various surfaces, and cohesive strength of the coating. While pokrytiia-fix "anticor" practically does not shrink due to the high percentage content of dry residue, and has high temperature resistance.
in covering Nano-fix "anticor" embodied a fundamentally new approach to corrosion protection, consisting in a complex chemical interaction between molecules of components with iron oxides and atoms of metal lattice. Primer has the ability to penetrate into the cracks and pores of the metal with simultaneous suppression of the started process of corrosion.
at the same time on the metal surface create strong chelate complexes with a polymeric component of the primer that protects the metal from external influences. This mechanism of action allows Nano-fix "anticor" to firmly tie layer of rust to 100 microns.
high corrosion resistance of Nano-fix "anticor" allows minimizing the considerable labor costs on preparation of metal surfaces for painting, especially in remote places of structures, facilities or remote routes of pipelines, bridges, and also allows using Nano-fix "anticor" as an independent coating
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