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Equipment for collection of oil and oil products from water surface

Kazan | Added: 11 April 2019 number: 125614
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Skimmer universal SU is designed for efficient work on the oil spill, to collect the heavy, viscous oil and petroleum products in coastal waters, internal waters and ports.
work Generic skimmer is based on the adhesion of oil to the surface of a rotating, indexable, replaceable nozzles (disc and drum). When passing the nozzle through the layer of oil/water, oil sticks to the surface of the nozzle and is removed with scrapers.
the product flows into the gathering centers and removed osidehooligan built-in pump.
the collection rate of oil 95%, remaining an iridescent film is removed by the sorbent.
skimmer is SOO easy to operate and maintain. The design of the skimmer is made of aluminum.
SU consists of the following parts:
- floating skimmer with interchangeable nozzles, scrapers and a removable pumping device (disk nozzle – 4pcs., drum nozzles - 4pcs.).
- double-flow hydro.
- set of hoses hoses with quick couplings.
- manual coil for sleeves RVD.
pressure-suction sleeve.
instructions for maintenance and operation.
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