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Equipment for collection and storage of oil and nefteproduktov

Kazan | Added: 11 April 2019 number: 125604
15 000 RUB
Collapsible tanks are designed for the collection and temporary storage of oil and oil products in spill response and planned works on cleaning of oil pits, oil storage tanks, ponds, etc. Can be used for storing water.
the tank is assembled from three parts of the cylindrical shell is made from sheet aluminum, which is installed inside a sealed case made of durable oil resistant polymer fabric. To drain the collected liquid provided the drain port with a valve "do 50". The liquid can be pumped with the use of any pumping equipment.
the design of the tank allows for installation in areas with minimal site preparation. Hard shell ensures high reliability and protects from accidental damage when working in the vicinity of the tank. At the end of each section of the reservoir is equipped with a universal joints "universal slide type 2". Locks provide a fast and reliable connection (disconnection) between the sections. Castles of non-sparking construction, made of special aluminium alloy. There are three sizes of tanks made of aluminium.
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