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Sell bright dough-clay more than 10 colors

Kazan | Added: 24 December 2018 number: 108763
50 RUB
Lightweight, soft, colorful dough plasticine more than 10 colors.
no freezes in the air for a few hours – all that time you could work with him
( quick instructions: store in a tightly closed container, preferably without air, if you feel that the clay is a little dry - add a few drops of water and knead it thoroughly with your hands and the old property back to it!)
not sticky, not dirty! - very soft, light, pliable and very soft to the touch, easy to shape and has no odor. Reminiscent of the gum, as lasts, but will not stick and leaves no residue.
develops fine motor skills, perception of forms, colors and textures. Note: the Dough is not fit to eat!
leave your creation to dry just in open space, in the air, motionless for several hours, and it will become durable and very lightweight toy which can be played, or an unusual element of decor or crafts!
hardened material will be similar to the dense foam, with elastic effect, just soft, smooth, easy and pleasant to the touch! After drying, does not crack retains bright color, beautiful appearance and shape!
using hardening clay your child can create his own toys!
the price of One Color Weighing 500 Grams - 250 RUB
price of Set of 12 Colors-30 Grams 450 RUB
price One Jar 40 Grams - 50 RUBLES
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