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Directory of neurologist in syndromology and topical diagnosis. T. V. M

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Directory of neurologist in syndromology and topical diagnosis. T. V. Matveeva. - Kazan, 2017. - 608с.:Il., St.8, TV.region. Format 60x90/16, ISBN: 978-5-99007-788-1
The dictionary describes the most frequent and rare symptoms and syndromes associated with different levels of damage to the nervous system and techniques allowing them to diagnose. The achievements of science in recent years has greatly expanded knowledge about the structure and function of the nervous system. It has made significant adjustments in the production of topical diagnosis and taken into account in the presentation of the material. Many of the above data not only characterize a specific localization of the lesion, but also to determine the prognosis of the disease, the direction of the diagnostic finding and patient management. Great attention is paid to the description of critical conditions, the characteristics of the patient's condition. The book can be used by doctors of all specialties, which allows to quickly navigate to available symptoms; teachers in preparing for lectures and practical classes; neurologists - for certification and qualification exams.
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