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Negribkovoy of onychodystrophy and their treatment. Manual for doctors

Kazan | Added: 18 February 2018 number: 30513

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    Since ancient times, the treatment of this pathology engaged or surgeons (removed the nail plate), or surgeons-beauticians (cleaned the surface of your nails), or the patients themselves (used a different kosmetologicheskie means).The author proposes an original method of treatment of onychodystrophy based on the determination of the patient on the projection of the radial artery both forearms points CUN-kou, which, in turn, reflect the excess or deficit of energy in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary, heart, etc., then the correction of the energy by prescribing drugs according to classical medicine and the use of choleretic, krovanistaya, and bacterial multienzyme preparations using the rules of Chinese medicine, "noon-midnight" and "mother-son".This manual provides a description of nontraditional methods of treatment in combination with medicamentous therapy patients suffering from onihodistrofiya negribkovoy nature, not amenable to conventional therapy.The book is intended for doctors - dermatologists and cosmetologists, surgeons and urologists, therapists, and specialists in non-traditional methods of treatment.
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