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Ecological equipment.

Kazan | Added: 19 September 2018 number: 94791

Address: Kazan, Халитова 8, show the map

    OOO "Ekokoul" sells equipment for containment of spills of petroleum products.
    retaining sorbent booms,booms nefteobrazuyuschie light,Bon barrage ,
    marine Bon,Bon inflatable permanent buoyancy Bon,Bon net,mesh sorbent Bon, Bon sorption retention, sorption Bon,Bon universal,
    Minibon MBS,Plates PLS-50, the PLC 60, Pillow PS-10,Napkins SS-30, SS-40,
    Roll RS-5, RS-6, RS-7, Sorbent cloth,Squeezing device has Umoc,
    The installation of thermal utilization of "Fakel -1m", Sorbents for water and solid surfaces: Netesov, STRG ,Lessor-Extra, Novosorb,Unisorb, Unisorb-Bio,
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