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Jewelry of natural stones "diana Savitskaya

Kazan | Added: 11 June 2018 number: 42398
    Dear Representative, welcome to the company "diana Savitskaya"!
    Our company is glad to offer You not just beautiful original jewelry from stones, but also a great business. More than 13 years, we create original, beautiful beads, necklace, necklace, bracelets and earrings from natural stones. We have our own production, wholesale and retail trade of both cheap and luxury products according to the sketches of the Moscow artist Diana Savitskaya. Own retail network gives us the ability to examine the demand and wishes of our clients. Stores in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kursk, and other regions, and abroad successfully implement our products.
    we occupy a niche that is rarely presented in malls, namely, exactly in the middle between costume jewelry and jewelry. The price range is within these limits, from 1500 RUB to 30,000 RUB. on average.
    products we offer are suitable for different situations - every day, for the evening, to the office. Thus, our female clients are women of all ages and styles. This ladies who want to look modern and wear something unusual, extraordinary.
    each product is designed by designer Diana Savitskaya, whether it is necklaces, necklace, bracelet or earring, is hand-assembled and in very limited quantities. In addition, we use natural semi-precious stones, unique in themselves.
    our main principle – mutually beneficial relationships based on respect and development, responsibility, positive interaction and orientation on long-term cooperation.
    1. Relatively low initial investments allow to reduce the entry barriers to the business.
    2. Mobile store concept. Area of retail space from 3 to 10 square meters.
    3. A wide range of supply demanded by customers.
    4. There is no seasonality in sales. Decoration is relevant throughout the year, both summer and winter. The increase in sales and during the holidays.
    5. Successful developments and a system of doing business, worked on own retail network, reduce business risks.
    6. Saving time and money on building your own business: costs are already minimized, perfected technology.
    7. High profitability. Higher than in jewelry or the jewelry business.
    what you get:
    1. Learning the business processes at the initial stage (organization of the store, providing information about the product).
    2. Successful and effective sales techniques.
    3. Special offer purchase value.
    4. Regular replenishment of the model range of jewelry.
    working with no returns but exchange. For example, You can change from one product to another.
    prepayment for purchases of 100%.
    our collections come out every season at least 4 times a year, particularly because of the seasonality of sales we do not feel. Bursts in and during the holidays adds extra confidence to be on the market and have no competitors.
    The purchase of materials produced in different countries of the world and controlled by the author of this product. All the decorations are strung on a metal wire, which gives them strength to operate. And even if something happened, we are willing to make repairs free of charge. We also provide brand tags for jewelry, professional photos of jewelry, which you can use when you are printing leaflets, banners, etc. Work with any transport company of Your choice. We work under the agreement. All payments are officially, by Bank transfer and cash.
    investments in the opening of the store:
    1. Equipment – 300 000 RUB (showcase + mannequins for jewelry + stands for earrings and bracelets)
    2. The initial purchase of the product (sets) – 250, 000.
    3. Rent commercial space (Deposit 2 months) – 70 000 RUB.
    4. SN seller 1 month – 30 000 rubles.
    total: 650 000 rubles.
    by becoming our partner, You become the owner of already proven and successful business strategy.
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