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Ads: purchase and sale of Spare Parts/Accessories Karaganda

14 July
For trucks and heavy machinery Karaganda
1 000 RUB
21 July
For trucks and heavy machinery Karaganda
10 000 RUB

Parts and accessories

As part Narmala site offers a wide range of spare parts. In the range of solutions for automobiles, motorized vehicles, water transport, trucks and specialized vehicles. Buyers are available two types of products: 

  • New spare parts. Products not in use. As a rule, they are delivered in the original packaging, accompanied by a set of documents. The price of parts is an order of magnitude lower than in a retail store.
  • Used parts. In the sale of used parts for cars, air transport, special equipment. Products differ in technical features and level of wear.

Find a suitable solution will help full-time search engine. With its help it will be possible to find spare parts for cars, boats, parts for the ATV , spare parts for the yacht. The user simply enter the name of the part, select the appropriate category and specify the desired price. The algorithm will display all ads that match the generated query.

What should I consider when buying a used parts?

Acquisition of used parts is worth special attention. Before the transaction is recommended to conduct a thorough inspection of the product. This will allow: 

  • Determine the state of the product. Parts with increased wear have a low maintenance resource. Their acquisition is not advisable. This is especially true of consumables: brake pads, tensioner belts , rollers. Such products are better to buy new. 
  • Identify defects. Products may contain obvious and hidden defects. Identify the first will allow visual inspection. The latter are determined by indirect signs. When buying complex equipment, such as an automotive or outboard motor, it is recommended to diagnose. This will exclude the purchase of a faulty node. 
  • Compatibility. To find out whether the part fits the existing technology, help branded catalogs. They contain brands and models of spare parts that are compatible with the target device. When purchasing products, it is enough to find relevant information on the case. 

A balanced approach will help to buy parts with small time and financial losses.

Additional Products 

The site contains accessories for cars. Buyers can purchase:

  1. Radio tape recorder Available equipment of various configurations. Base players and high-tech solutions are offered. Products differ in functionality, dimensions, installation features, performance characteristics. The range of consumables required to connect players: connectors, cables, fuses and much more. 
  2. Car curtains. Perfect analogue tint film. Products reduce the light transmittance of the front windows. Their use will not cause problems with law enforcement. 
  3. Starting devices. Devices in demand during the cold season. They allow you to start the car with a partially or completely discharged battery. The use of devices eliminates the removal of the battery and its long-term charging. The power unit starts in a few minutes. 
  4. Alarms. On the site implemented a lot of security systems. Alarm systems are offered for budget and luxury cars. On sale kits with feedback, motion sensors, the ability to remotely calibrate. Buyers can find solutions from American, Chinese and European manufacturers. 
  5. DVRs. Mobile cameras that record everything that happens on the road. The DVR will help prove their case in an accident, remove intruders who are trying to get into the car. The device will provide invaluable assistance in the operation of the vehicle in urban environments. 
  6. Rugs. Rubber mats will protect the upholstery from dust and dirt. They have a significant resource, easy to use, do not require complex care. When choosing products it is important to consider the vehicle model and its design features.
  7. Radar Detectors. Practical devices that save a lot of money. The detector warns the driver about the radars placed on the road. Its daily operation will reduce the number of fines for speeding. 
  8. Decorations. Stylistic additions to help decorate the interior. These can be figurines on the panel, hanging talismans, decorative handles and much more. Sellers offer classic and original solutions. Pick up a stylish decoration will be every motorist. 
  9. Rear view mirrors. In the sale of internal and external mirrors. The latter can be equipped with heating and turn signal. Implemented solutions for domestic and foreign vehicles. 
  10. On-board computers. Functional devices that provide comprehensive information about the car. The devices inform about fuel consumption, engine speed, coolant temperature, timing of oil and filter changes. Computers are able to work in diagnostic mode. They reveal the existing errors, display their code and decryption. Products are connected to the connecting block of the control unit. Their installation will not cause difficulties. 
  11. Stickers. Stylish stickers will help decorate any car. On sale themed and abstract compositions. Solutions for small cars and crossovers . 
  12. Steering wheel covers. Protective covers protecting the steering wheel from abrasion. Their use makes the work with the wheel more comfortable. 
  13. Tires, wheels, wheels. In the sale of new and used tires, wheels and wheels for trucks, cars and motorcycles : winter and summer, cast and stamped. 
  14. Lighting. Additional light sources for luggage compartment and engine compartment. Lamps are connected to the onboard network, equipped with bright LEDs. They have small dimensions, easy to install. Lighting color depends on the lamp model. Presents solutions with a blue, red and green tint. 

A complete list of products has several thousand items. Find the right solution can the most demanding customers. 

Sale of used parts 

We decided to sell parts through our site? Nothing is easier! Register as a seller and place ads. 


Selling products through Narmala.com will provide the following benefits: 

  • A huge market. On the site there are many users who want to buy spare parts for cars. Competent pricing policy will quickly achieve high sales.
  • Extensive communication options. You can communicate with customers using the chat or phone. Allowed binding pages from social networks. 
  • Responsive customer support. Full-time consultants will help to solve the arisen difficulties. They will answer user questions, provide detailed information on topics of interest. 
  • Effective promotion. The seller has many additional options. With their help, it will be possible to “raise” the ad in the search and fix it at the top of the site. It is possible to highlight the offer and place the “Urgent Sale” logo. The cost of ancillary services is low. They can use online stores and private individuals.

Narmala.com is a universal international platform. There are spare parts for aircraft, boats, cars. The product range is constantly expanding. You are waiting for nice bonuses and hot discounts.