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Repair, construction

50 000 RUB
shipping from the city ofShymkent
3 April
3 420 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
3 April
15 000 RUB
shipping from the city ofAtyrau
3 April
160 RUB
shipping from the city ofAstana
18 March
2 332 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
18 March
7 773 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
18 March
26 000 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
18 March
1 555 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
11 March

Looking for building materials for the construction or decoration of the house? Visited many bases of building materials, but did not find a suitable option? Check out Narmala . com . Here are suggestions from manufacturing companies, shopping centers and individuals. In the range of classic and non-standard products.

What can be purchased on our site?

Online   Narmala . com   implemented:

Brick. Factory brick in pallets. The range of products of different composition, size and shape.

Floor slabs . Reinforced concrete products necessary for the construction of houses, garages, commercial facilities.

Profile blends . Compositions for finishing apartments and cottages. In the sale of putty, plaster, cement mixtures. This product is offered in factory packages and by weight.

Tools . The section presents not only building materials. Sellers offer spatulas, perforators, rules and more. The site has everything you need to perform turnkey repairs on their own.

The decor . When repairing apartments often use decorative inserts. They hide the flaws of the room, give it a fresh, tidy look. Buyers are available products from plastic, ceramics, fiberboard.

The range of products is regularly updated!

Why buy building materials better on   Narmala . com ?

Buying products for decoration and construction on our site, you get the following benefits:

A wide range of products . Buy building materials of the desired configuration is not difficult. The site contains solutions for private and commercial properties. If necessary, you can order atypical products of reinforced concrete or wood.

Variability of price . You can buy suitable products at any budget. Within the framework of the site, there are a lot of sales that allow you to buy goods with a significant discount.

High-quality protection . All ads are moderated . Administrators monitor compliance with the rules of the resource, are attentive to questions and complaints from users. Suspicious offers and accounts are being blocked.

Sellers of building materials and tools receive an extensive market. The site is visited daily by thousands of buyers, including representatives of large developers and state-owned enterprises.

How to create an account on   Narmala . com ?

Registration does not take much time. You must go to   reference   and fill out a special form. When logging in, you can use an account from social or search networks. This eliminates the need to enter a password and email.

Upon completion of registration, you get full access to the site functionality!

In what tasks will the section “Repair, Construction” help?

Narmala's free classifieds website publishes thousands of offers every day. The range of construction materials from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Solutions for the construction of wooden houses and the repair of turnkey bathrooms are presented.

Using our site, you can organize the following events:

  • Finishing cottages turnkey . In the presence of all necessary for decoration. Dry mixes, manual and automatic tools are presented. Buyers will find everything necessary for finishing the loggia, finishing the kitchen, and finishing the bedroom. In the sale of products for the decoration of walls in the back rooms: garages, storerooms, basements.
  • Apartment repair . Apartment renovation in Moscow is a popular service. For its successful delivery requires a wide range of building materials. With the help of Narmala it will be possible to organize the repair of an apartment, the price of which will be affordable. The site has a thousand offers for the sale of building materials in Moscow.Presented ads from individuals, as well as companies selling building materials in bulk. A competent approach to the selection of a supplier will reduce the cost of repairing a three-room apartment, reduce the cost of finishing a studio-type apartment.
  • The rapid construction of houses . Build a quality home can be quickly and inexpensively. This will require a well-developed project, a team of responsible builders and high-quality consumables. Using the platform Narmala , it will be possible to build a cottage with any number of rooms. It is possible to implement one-room and three-room solutions, the construction of one- and two-story buildings.
  • Work on the beautification of the balcony . To repair a balcony or a loggia it will be possible with the minimum expenses. Enough to buy materials at wholesale price. Such a decision will eliminate overpayments and additional temporary losses. Narmala website offers prices from leading wholesalers. They reflect the cost of production and its characteristics.
  • Repair the bath . Quick and quality bathroom repairs can be inexpensive. All that is required to the master - to pick up on the implementer Narmala. com . Finishing products for sale, auxiliary equipment and materials are on sale. Widely represented tiles for facing the walls in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In the presence of decorative wooden elements.

The site offers everything you need for construction and repair of turnkey. Visitors can see ads from wholesale companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg.

What should be considered when choosing building materials?

When buying building materials, it is important to pay attention to:

  • The scope of upcoming work . Products should be purchased with a small margin. This will prevent additional costs in case of unforeseen circumstances. The best solution is to make purchases in accordance with the estimate documentation. In the absence of such, it is necessary to make the necessary measurements and calculate the volume of materials independently.
  • Shipping cost . The transport issue significantly affects the total costs. It is relevant even when repairing a one-room apartment, the price of which is not particularly high. To reduce financial expenses, it is recommended to contact the vendors who sell building materials with delivery.
  • The quality of the goods . It is better to give preference to certified products. It meets the requirements of industry standards, allows you to perform work with minimal delay

Competent approach to the selection of building materials - the key to timely and trouble-free repair.

Resource functionality

Purchase products for repair and construction work will help regular search. The user simply enter the product name in the search box. The algorithm will display all relevant announcements.

An important nuance : the text should be in Russian. Use moskva style wording stroimaterial otdelka kvartir "will not give results.

Offer for sales companies

Selling products at Narmala . com will allow:

  • Promote your own store (company).
  • Expand your target audience.
  • Increase sales.
  • Get access to overseas markets.

Registration at the site takes no more than one minute. It can be passed on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Sections that will be interesting to you

The site contains many rubrics useful for buyers and sellers:

  • Services . Provision of services related to the repair, construction, programming. In the section there are offers from experts of various orientations.
  • Work. Jobs from employers from around the world.
  • For business . Suggestions, interesting entrepreneurs and private masters.

The number of ads is growing steadily. Find the right product or service everyone can!