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Furniture, interior

17 267 RUB
17 February
6 561 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
17 February
Cabinets and drawers
6 561 RUB
shipping from the city ofAlma-ATA
17 February
The Narmala.com site will help to furnish the premises with minimal expenses. We have furniture for offices, hotels, apartments and country cottages. The range of solutions for every taste. Classical products, high-tech and gothic goods are presented.
What is waiting for buyers?
By means of our resource you can buy:
• Sofas. On sale a wide range of upholstered furniture. Buyers are available sofa beds, models for kitchens, verandas and living rooms. Angular sofas, sofas-transformers, combined solutions are realized.
Children's furniture. Products for the youngest. In the presence of cots for newborns, multi-tiered structures, different tables and high chairs. Ready-made sets and individual products are sold.
Bathroom furniture. In the section "Furniture for a bath" customers are waiting for nightstands, chests of drawers and ottomans. Products are resistant to moisture and temperature changes, have a long service life.
Furniture for kitchen. Narmala users can purchase a kitchen set or a dining table. On sale are stools, sinks, dishes. Hangers for towels, hanging cabinets are offered.
• Computer furniture. Specialized products that simplify the work with the PC. Selling computer tables and chairs, special stands. The goods are resistant to wear, designed for hard everyday use.
On the site you can buy a wardrobe, complete sets for wardrobes and other furniture.
If you need a non-standard solution
Want furniture atypical sizes? Use the help of specialized masters. In the section "Services" there are proposals from factories and private specialists.
Custom made furniture has many advantages:
• Originality. The products are the only one of its kind. It will be an ornament of an apartment, office or hotel room.
• Functionality. Atypical models have many shelves and niches. They can be adapted to a specific room or made universal.
• Reasonable price. Products made on an individual project are not much more expensive than standard ones. The client can order a budget or business class furniture.
To communicate with the masters, it is enough to use the online form.
What should I consider when choosing furniture?
To choose a sofa, closet or table should be approached responsibly. It is recommended to take into account:
• Overall dimensions of the product.
• Layout of the room.
• Stylistics of furniture, features of its operation.
• The need to connect to the electrical network (relevant for solutions with illumination).
• Specificity of assembly and installation of the product.
Interested questions should be asked the seller before the transaction. This will avoid unpleasant situations.
Do not know how to buy a sofa? Having difficulty with search? Consult Narmala.com consultants. Specialists will help to cope with the difficulties, provide comprehensive advice.

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