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At the site Narmala presented a variety of musical instruments. The range of solutions for professionals and beginners. New and used products are available to buyers.

Products are sold by three types of sellers:

               Music shops. Profile organizations offering products from the manufacturer. As a rule, musical instruments stores sell new products.

               Mugs and clubs. After the dissolution of creative associations remains a large number of tools. Such products are sold at a significant discount.

               Private individuals Ordinary sellers selling personal goods. You can buy classic-style musical instruments and collectible products from private owners.

Using a regular search, you can quickly find the right product. To do this, you will need to enter the name of the instrument and its estimated cost. If necessary, check the box “With photo”.

What tools are presented on the site?

Narmala.com sells various products:

               Percussion musical instruments.

               Reed tools.

               Wind musical instruments.

               Electronic tools.

Buyers can buy synthesizers, acoustic guitars and classical guitars. The range of products is constantly expanding. New original solutions appear regularly.

Tools for the little ones

The site contains a lot of children's musical instruments. Products are offered for training and professional use. The child can buy a synthesizer, drum kit, flute.

Purchasing tools at Narmala.com will allow you to:

               Save financial resources. Many sellers offer discounts, carry out promotions. In most cases, there is the possibility of bargaining.

               Choose the best solution. The site contains products from 280 countries. The most demanding customers will be able to make their choice.

               Get product details. Contact the seller will help online chat, phone or social network.

All ads are moderated . Administrators delete fake offers, block user accounts found to be fraud.

How to start using Narmala?

Access to the functionality of the site is easy - just go through a simple registration. This can be done in three ways:

               Through the electronic form (login and password is required).

               With an account in a social network.

               Using a Yandex or Google account.

To go to the registration procedure, use the link.

We will be glad to see you among our users!

To buy a digital piano cheap

On the Narmala website . com will be able to buy an electronic piano Casio ( Casio ). Presented products differ in the following parameters:

  • Housing. The electric piano can be bought in two versions: classical and compact. Cases have different dimensions, price and specific installation. Classic th e r elektropianino reminding stage piano, compact the second - a small board.Buying a smaller version of the piano will be cheaper.
  • State. Users can buy pianos new or used. The CU tool requires additional verification, as it may contain defects. Such products are sold cheaply, equipped with chairs, additional supports and other accessories.
  • Technical specifications . The parameters of the electric piano depend on the manufacturer and model. In the sale of devices for beginners and art lovers.

Along with digital pianos available high-quality analog solutions. In the sale of products of English ( English ) and Japanese ( Japan ) production. If necessary, you can buy a baby toy piano.

Visitors can buy a piano chair, note holders and other related products. The range of products is constantly expanding.

Acquisition of Ionica

Ionica (Eng. ionika ) is an electric musical instrument similar to a piano. It has a wide range of functions and excellent sound. The cost of the product varies widely. The site presents cheap solutions and premium products.

Ionica is an optimal musical instrument for beginners. It can be bought for a child and an adult music lover .

How much is an acoustic guitar, as well as its electric analog?

Acoustic guitar Sigma can buy any user playgrounds and . Also in the sale of electric guitars and equipment for them.

The cost of production depends on the following factors:

  • Wear level
  • Functional.
  • Manufacturing company (for example, Sigma).
  • Belonging to a rare series.

Before buying acoustic and electric guitar should be carefully checked. This will exclude the purchase of low-quality, worn-out tools.

How to use search?

The regular search algorithm will assist in the selection of new second (new) and BU-products and. With it, you can buy a children's drum, oboe, children's guitar, horn, trumpet, synthesizer Casio.

To make the choice you need :

  • WWE STI in the search box the key phrase, such as "English horn musical instrument 'or' instrument to buy a pipe."
  • Install s price range.
  • Set the intersection type of musical instrument (optional).
  • The path is click on the window "with photos" to hide the ads without graphic material (optional).

The search will help find drums and drumsticks, guitars and covers for them, accessories for studios and concerts. Any registered visitor can use the function .

How to quickly sell a musical instrument?

To successfully implement a musical instrument, you must:

  • Prepare high-quality photos . Photographs allow us to assess the quality of the product, to identify cosmetic defects. The optimal number of images - 3 pcs. When taking pictures, it is better to use a good camera.
  • Describe the product . Detailed text description is not superfluous. It indicates the advantages of the product , the features of its operation, the existing functionality.
  • Offer additional bonuses . Together with a percussion or acoustic instrument, you can give cover and equipment for adjustment. This will make the offer more attractive.
  • Set a reasonable price . Do not overstate the cost of the product. Such a decision will scare off buyers, delay the sale of goods. To determine the price, read the offers from other sellers.

The recommendations provided will ensure a quick sale, reduce temporary and financial losses.

How to place your offer?

Publication of ads on the site does not take much time. The operation is performed in 4 steps:

  1. Register. Posted ix th sentence available only Authorizing m user pits. To create an account, you can use the electronic form or record in social networks.
  2. The design . The seller forms an offer. He lays out graphic materials, prepares a narrative.
  3. Check . The announcement is sent for moderation. It is checked for compliance with the rules of the site and the presence of errors. At revealing of defects, the offer is returned for revision.
  4. Publication . An approved ad appears on the site, displayed in the target category and general search.

For quick sale of goods, it is recommended to use additional options. Their cost is low, available to private and commercial individuals.

At the Narmala site , you will pick up a quality tool and quickly sell the equipment you have!