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Tourism, hotels, catering
65 000 RUB
Novyy Urengoy
4 June
Construction, engineering, real estate
30 000 RUB
2 June
Industry, manufacturing
60 000 RUB
Novyy Urengoy
2 June
Marketing, advertising, PR
8 250 RUB
2 June
Sport, fitness, beauty, SPA
45 000 RUB
2 June
Sport, fitness, beauty, SPA
45 000 RUB
2 June
Construction, engineering, real estate
27 000 RUB
Novyy Urengoy
2 June
Transport, logistics, foreign trade
40 000 RUB
28 May
Science, education, training
45 000 RUB
18 May

At the site   Narmala   presented a lot of fresh vacancies. The range of offers from commercial organizations, government agencies, transnational corporations. Employees are searched by companies from more than 200 countries. Enterprises leave their applications from England, Germany, Russia, USA.

Users can find jobs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, London and Berlin, the United States and other countries. Ad database is constantly updated. Regularly there are new, interesting offers.  

In what areas will be able to find a job?

Narmala . com   - is a universal site with vacancies of various kinds. Applicants can find work in the following specialties:

IT   and the internet . Suggestions for programmers, system administrators, content managers.

Public service . Ads from state-owned companies, law enforcement agencies, control devices.

Construction . Jobs. Enterprises invite welders, bricklayers, plasterers, foremen.

Security . Favorable offers for security guards, watchmen and supervisors.

The full list of vacancies is extensive. It includes jurisprudence, accounting, manufacturing, banking and other areas.

Why choose us?

Cooperation with the site   Narmala   will provide many benefits:

A huge number of ads . There are always fresh job vacancies on the site. If today you did not find anything suitable, be sure to stop by tomorrow.

Job search without intermediaries . You do not need to contact job search agencies, vacancies from direct employers are presented on the site in a significant amount.

No commissions .   Narmala . com   is a free bulletin board. To gain access to its functionality, it is enough to go through a simple registration. No fees, subscriptions and monthly fees.

A great start for beginners . At the site there are fresh vacancies from direct employers interested in specialists without work experience. This is a good opportunity to gain initial experience and hone their skills.

Convenient search . Find a suitable offer is not difficult, just use the search string. The user receives comprehensive job information for a targeted request.

Help in the use of the site will provide staff managers. They will tell you how to pick    vacancies from direct employers, will give recommendations on the preparation of resumes. You can get a free consultation by phone or by electronic form.

Register on   Narmala . com   - The right step to obtain a cherished position.




Most requested SPB vacancies

Narmala's free classifieds site contains many job openings . Users are available the most recent requests from employers.

Special demand for workers in the following areas:

  • Programmer . In the specialty programmer vacancies presented a huge amount. Required experts in the development of sites, setting up 1C, editing the finished software products. For administrators, jobs will also be found. They are necessary in enterprises with any level of computerization.
  • Logistics. For logistics specialists, vacancies are placed by transport companies. Proposed work related to international and long-distance transport. It is possible to use air, sea and land transport.
  • Retailers of goods. Sellers job consultants will find a lot. They are required in online and private stores. Average earnings depend on the turnover of the outlet and company policy. Specialization is in demand not only in St. Petersburg or Moscow, but throughout Russia.
  • The crew of water transport . Vacancies for sailors offer many government agencies. Such ads are often found in the job manager. Requirements for applicants: good health and the successful passage of military service.
  • Furniture assembler . For furniture assemblers, there will always be vacancies. They are invited to work private workshops and large factories.
  • Drivers . Specialists in vehicle management are required in manufacturing enterprises, in logistics companies, in public service. At the request of "driver job vacancy" search returns hundreds of results.
  • Medical professionals . Jobs of the nurse, therapist and surgeon are widely represented on the site. The medical staff is in demand in private and public institutions.
  • Engineers. Find a job engineer is not difficult. Such workers are needed in mining and processing enterprises, are in demand in companies conducting research.
  • Lawyer. Jobs for lawyers offer notaries, retail chains, government agencies. Find a suitable solution can specialists with different levels of training.
  • A cleaning lady. Jobs cleaners always available. For employment in this position does not require seniority or specialized education.

For those who want to find remote work jobs are also sufficient. In this niche copywriters, designers, designers are in demand. You can get a decent and timely salary without leaving your home.

A quick way to find a direct job.

Narmala's search algorithm will help you find work at home, as a security guard and nutritionist. Its use will not cause difficulties. It is enough to enter the following parameters:

  • The name of the vacancy . The user types in the search line any interesting specialty, for example, an engineer.
  • The scope of activities . The choice of the direction in which it is planned to work. Applicants are available all areas of activity in demand in the labor market: IT , automotive business, security and much more.
  • Salary . The amount of remuneration is indicated in a certain range, for example, from 10   000 to 20   000 rub.
  • Experience . Requirements for experience on the part of the employer. For applicants who are just starting their career, it is recommended to select the “does not matter” item.
  • Work schedule . The site contains proposals for full and part-time employment. Announcements are published from companies offering work on a rotational basis.

On Narmala . com you can easily find a job, fresh jobs are published every day.

What else is available to visitors?

Narmala . com is a versatile bulletin board, job openings are not the only published offers. It offers users the whole thematic sections:

  • Real estate . Ads for the sale of apartments, garages, warehouses. Private and commercial properties are presented.
  • Hobbies and recreation . The section is devoted to a pleasant pastime. In the range of sports equipment, collectibles, consumables for needlework.
  • Lost / Found . Announcements of losses and finds. In the section, you can report found documents or keys, submit an advertisement about the loss of a valuable item.
  • Dating . A great opportunity to find a true friend or soul mate. Thousands of questionnaires from users from different parts of Russia and the CIS have been published on the site.

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