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Crafts and art

Crafts and arts
800 RUB
shipping from the city ofKraskovo
2 June
Crafts and arts
800 RUB
shipping from the city ofKraskovo
2 June
Crafts and arts
800 RUB
shipping from the city ofKraskovo
2 June
Crafts and arts
250 RUB
shipping from the city ofZavodoukovsk
2 June
Crafts and arts
800 RUB
shipping from the city ofTyumen
10 May
Crafts and arts
Give a gift
shipping from the city ofTyumen
10 May

Handicraft goods and art objects are widely represented on the site.   Narmala . Suitable solutions will be able to find professionals and novice masters. The range of products from domestic and foreign sellers.

Buyers can purchase:

Handicraft kits . Special kits that allow you to create original products. Kits differ in content and direction. In the sale of products for adults and children.

Finished goods . Jewelry from masters. Products are made of plastic, wood and metal. They perfectly complement the interior, can be used as a gift.

Objects of art . Paintings, statues and similar products. Such products have cultural value, are offered in single copies.

On   Narmala . com   Everyone will find products to their liking. For the selection of optimal proposals is recommended to use the search. It will sort the ads, will give all the results for a given query.

What is profitable purchases on   Narmala . com ?

Buying products for needlework and art at the site   Narmala , you get many benefits:

A choice . The site sells products from near and far abroad. Presented products from the United States, India, China, Italy.

Receiving discounts and nice bonuses . Sellers organize sales, carry out promotions. This allows you to buy quality products at competitive prices.

Direct communication with the implementer . Any questions regarding the product? Feel free to ask them to the seller. At your disposal a feedback form and functionality of social networks.

Qualified support . It offers visitors experienced operators. They will assist in solving controversial issues, introduce the user to the functionality of the site.

On   Narmala . com   There is no place for fraud. All ads are thoroughly tested. Moderators respond to user complaints, block merchant accounts suspected of fraud.

Anyone can buy embroidery or items for needlework! It is enough to find the right offer and coordinate the deal with the seller.

Functional site is waiting for you!

To get full access to the site, you must register. The procedure is extremely simple, takes no more than 1 minute. The user only needs to come up with a username and password, and then confirm the registration.

When authorizing, you can use accounts from social and search networks. This will make the process as convenient as possible.

Register at the site right now by going to   link .

Most Popular Ads

In the framework of Narmala . com presents useful and functional products. Products are in demand among experienced and beginner masters; they are acquired by educational institutions and circles.

The following products are in significant demand :

  • Cases for needlework . Furniture for storing inventory and performing basic operations. In the closet are boxes, knitting accessories, tools for embroidery. Designs differ in size, functionality and style.
  • Kits for certain types of work . Sets for diamond embroidery can buy anyone. In assortment for needlework boxes, special containers and shelves.
  • Crochet hooks . On the site there are many crochet hooks. Specialized and universal solutions are available to buyers.
  • Tables for needlework . Simple and reliable designs. Tables are in demand for knitting, diamond embroidery. Furniture used in the organization of a workshop on handicraft s.
  • Educational literature . Sellers sell useful books and brochures. Presented by the magazine's s "Crafts for Beginners" and "needlewoman".
  • Wire for needlework . Wire, beads and other consumables. Products are supplied in boxes and sachets. With its help, tackle original things, souvenirs are made for sale.

On Narmala . com you can buy everything for needlework. On sale solutions for master classes, personal and commercial use.

Five rules for successful sales

For a quick sale of existing products is recommended:

  1. Set a fair price . The cost of products should not be too high - it will deter customers. The optimal price level is just below the market average.
  2. Prepare photos . Remove the object's handicraft, and a box and so you produk s of the s for sale. For photographing it is better to use a high-quality camera.
  3. Describe your product . Competently written text - the key to a successful sale. The material should comprise data on the characteristics of the product ah, especially Rep its operation, and degrees of wear.
  4. Create a video . Site rules allow it to gain a foothold links to video hosting service. Ads containing video sequences are popular with buyers.
  5. Engage the functionality of the site . Start selling is to activate additional options. They will help to highlight the ad, will ensure its fixation at the top of the site.

Competently organized sale will eliminate the time and financial losses, provide the greatest th s arrived.

What to consider when buying a product?

When choosing products for needlework with your own hands, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Functionality. The capabilities of the product should be sufficient to perform the required operations. Buying products with limited functionality will result in additional costs.
  • State. Before you buy a product , it should be carefully inspected. The presence of scuffs and deformation indicates intensive use. Chances are that the product will be out of action soon .
  • Price . It is recommended to get acquainted with all offers on the market. Perhaps some of the sellers will offer a discount or a nice bonus.
  • Shipping cost . Current parameter when ordering products from another region or country. The price of transporting the goods should not be too high.

Find the best deals will help the search algorithm. It sorts ads based on price, photo availability, type of product being sold. The search is available to all site visitors, it is convenient and easy to use.

What else does the playground offer?

Narmala . com contains a lot of useful sections:

  • Gifts. Original gifts for all occasions. Presents solutions for New Year celebrations, birthdays, corporate events. In the assortment of factory gifts and products created by yourself.
  • Musical instruments . Products for experienced and novice musicians. Buyers have access to guitars, drums, electric and classical pianos. In stock equipment to configure the tool.
  • Books and magazines . Printed products of domestic and foreign production. Users can purchase brochures, newspapers, and study guides. Collectible and model editions are offered. Sales literature and for engineers and translators.
  • Sports and recreation . Clothing and equipment for lovers of an active lifestyle. Implemented balls, skis, backpacks, items of equipment.

It is also recommended to visit the sections devoted to collecting, bicycles, tickets and travel.

On Narmala . com always welcome new users! Complete a simple registration and complete your first purchase.