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Narmala presents presents from all over the world. In the range of solutions for any holidays: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, professional celebrations. Small souvenirs and complex gift sets are sold.
What can be purchased on the site?
Narmala.com users will be able to buy:
Jewelry. All kinds of rings, pendants and pendants. Presents products from gold, silver, platinum. On sale various costume jewelry.
• Paintings. The object of art - the best gift. On the site there are original paintings and reproductions of recognized masterpieces. Such a gift will not leave indifferent relatives, friends and work colleagues.
Dishes. You can give a set of dishes for any reason. It will be appropriate for housewarming and wedding celebrations. Sellers offer sets, painted plates, teapots, decorative interior elements. A person with any aesthetic preferences will be able to choose the right solution.
• Pyrotechnics. Unusual fireworks and fireworks will be a great addition to the celebration. They diversify corporate and New Year's holiday. Products differ in performance and method of use. On sale firecrackers, "snakes", "rocket launchers". The launch of fireworks will amuse adults and children.
Clock. Strict and practical gift. The clock can be placed in the kitchen, in the hallway or living room. Products have different designs and dimensions. They are decorated with ornaments, stylized images, decorative inlays.
• Keychains. Pendants and key chains are inexpensive gifts that can please and surprise. Products are made of glass, metal and wood. They are fixed on a keychain or act as independent ornaments. Many products have a thematic performance, devoted to fishing, hunting or cars. In the sale of key chains, hearts and key chains with the name.
• Candlesticks. Touching gifts filled with romance. Within the resource, candlesticks made of wood, copper and silver are sold. Always available gift sets and individual items.
• Gift pens. Original ballpoint pens are very popular. Products differ in a bright coloring and refined design. They can be presented to the leader, comrade or lover.
Narmala free classifieds website regularly expands its range. New offers are constantly appearing on the site.
How to sell your goods?
Need to sell existing products? Playground Narmala will help in this task. From the user will be required:
• Get registered. Only authorized visitors can post free ads. To register, you must fill out the form or use your account in social networks. The procedure takes no more than one minute, is carried out through a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.
• Create an ad. The seller needs to describe the product, indicating its main features. It is advisable to publish photos that show the product being sold. This will increase page traffic with your ad.
To be tested. Offers from individuals and online stores are viewed by administrators. Specialists monitor compliance with the rules of the site, do not allow the appearance of spam and incorrect ads. In the event of errors, the proposal is sent for revision. After that, it is re-tested.
Approved ads appear in search results. Initially, they are on the top lines, but over time they lose ground. This is due to the emergence of more recent lots.

How to quickly find a buyer?

Promoting the sale of products contributes to the additional functionality of the site. It allows:

• Raise the ad to the top of the search, regardless of the date of publication.

• Highlight the sentence with a color frame.

• Place the “urgent sale” icon.

• Pin an ad to the search page.

The price of additional services is low. To get the greatest benefit, it is recommended to buy a package of options.

What are the benefits to users?

Registration on the site allows you to:

• Buy goods without intermediaries. Customers do not pay additional fees and third-party fees. The cost of production is agreed between the client and the seller.

• fruitfully communicate with other users. Visitors to the resource can leave a phone, a link to a page in social networks or email. For online communication there is an internal chat. Using the communication capabilities of the site, it will be possible to agree on a discount, agree on delivery parameters, clarify information about the product.

• Eliminate fraud. Compliance is monitored by regular administrators. They block the accounts of visitors caught fraud.

You can start using the resource right now! Registration on the bulletin board is free and easy.