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Cost of additional services

Using additional services, you can quickly sell the goods, find new customers, profitable to rent an apartment.
Users a huge number of options are available:
Selection. The color stroke will make the sentence more noticeable. The announcement is allocated for 10 days, the cost of services — 50 rubles.
Raising. Move your ad to the top of the search results. Optimal for offers that have been on the site for a long time. The cost of services — 50 rubles.
«Urgent.» A great way to talk about a «hot» proposal. The «urgent» icon is displayed for 15 days. The cost of services-150 rubles.
Premium. The «Premium» mark indicates the special status of the ad. Such proposals are always visible in the search, have a lot of transitions. A Premium was given for 10 days. The cost of services-150 rubles.
Fastening. A popular option that allows you to fix the ad at the top of the site. Your offer will be visible regardless of the search results. The cost of services-300 rubles.
Package 5X. A comprehensive proposal from The ad used a set of options, contributing to its active promotion. The package includes premium accommodation for 10 days and 5 picks in the search results. The cost of services-250 rubles.
Package 25X. The most profitable offer. Package contains premium placement for 10 days, the 10-day allocation and consolidation, as well as 10 boost in the search results. Total savings when ordering a package – 45%. The cost of services-550 rubles.

Order additional services is not difficult. It is enough to use the appropriate menu item.