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The list of prohibited goods and services

The list of prohibited goods and services.
Precious and rare metals, precious stones and waste containing precious and rare metals and precious stones.
Weapons, ammunition, military equipment, spare parts, completing products and devices to them, explosives, blasting agents, gunpowder, all kinds of rocket fuel, as well as special materials and special equipment for their manufacture, special equipment of personnel of paramilitary organizations and normative-technical products for their production and operation.
Rocket-space complexes, communication systems and military information infrastructure and normative and technical documentation on their production and operation.
Chemical warfare agents, protection against them and normative-technical documentation on their production and use.
Radioactive substances and isotopes, uranium and other fissionable materials and articles made of them.
X-ray equipment, devices and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes.
The results of the research and design work, as well as fundamental exploratory research to create weapons and military equipment.
Encryption technology and normative-technical documentation for its production and use.
Poisons, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and their precursors; substances that alter consciousness and psyche.
Ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages.
Waste radioactive materials.
Waste explosives.
Drugs (including medical linen, health food, etc.); medicinal herbs; bioactive supplements, including sports nutrition, isotonic drinks, products for weight loss (green coffee, Reishi mushrooms, herbal teas, dietary supplements and others); vitamins; medical products; medical equipment; contact lenses and liquid for their storage; Botox drugs.
Medical services, nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, cosmetic injections and more.
Medicinal raw materials derived from Northern reindeer breeding (antlers and endocrine raw materials).
Goods, the turnover of which violates intellectual rights of third parties (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.). Including prohibited items replaced software (for example, «flashing») and a violation of the established copyright technological protection of different devices.
Counterfeit or stolen products or property.
Services and/or work of intimate/erotic/sexual nature, as well as pornographic/erotic materials, including sex toys.
State awards anywhere in the world.
Fake banknotes and fake signs of postal payment.
Radio-electronic and special technical means intended for secret obtaining of information.
Currency and other currency valuables, coins and banknotes of any country in the world in circulation (with the exception of purchase and sale for numismatic purposes).
State identity cards, signs, passes, permits, certificates, travel documents and licenses, and other documents granting rights or exempting from the rights/duties except for the purpose of collecting, with clearly specified expired and/or level of invalidity/cancellation forms for these documents; services they receive.
Ready diploma and course works, dissertations and other similar types of work; services for the preparation and writing of diplomas, course works, dissertations and similar work.
Databases, including those containing personal data which may facilitate unauthorized mailings.
Securities (stocks, bonds, checks, etc.), in addition to securities for the purposes of collecting, with clearly specified expired and/or level of invalidity/cancellation/redemption.
Materials and services, violating the secrecy of private life, infringe upon the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities, as well as containing state, banking, commercial and other secrets.
Materials delivered only virtually and not recorded on any material carrier (ideas, methods, principles, etc.).
Tobacco, tobacco products, tobacco products, Smoking accessories (excluding lighters and ashtrays), including tubes, hookahs (including electronic), cigarette paper, electronic cigarettes and consumables.
Any weapon, including hunting (including hunting knives), pneumatic, civil, airsoft, paintball and otherwise, as well as components to it; a copy of the collection of arms, souvenir and decorative weapons, knives (except for kitchen, pocket, office).
Human organs and tissues, and organ donor services (e.g., renting/buying a blood/semen, etc.).
Extremist materials; materials calling for riots, terrorist activities and extremist activities, participation in mass public activities, inciting ethnic and religious hatred.
Animals and plants listed in the Red book of any country of the world. Also prohibits ads that contain information about animal cruelty.
Items with Nazi symbols.
Skins and articles made of skins of rare and endangered species of animals in accordance with the applicable laws of any country in the world.
The cultural heritage of the peoples of all countries of the world, as well as objects of archaeological heritage.
Gaming equipment used to conduct gambling; lottery equipment.
Any financial services, including compulsory types of insurance and assistance in their preparation, and financial intermediation.
Goods/services whose use may be directed to violation of the law of any country of the world (for example, frame-shifters on license plates, neodymium magnets, service adjusting the speedometer/odometer; a dummy implementation of the functions of the Executive body of the legal entity, etc.).
The documents for the vehicle, the license plate on the vehicle.
Fishing nets, materials for their manufacture, as well as services for their production; electrofishing; traps.
Non-existent goods or services; goods/services not having consumer value.
Moonshine, fracking, the distillation column (except industrial), Liebig and other devices.
Transcendental services (witchcraft, magic, alternative medicine, etc.).
Services for the replacement of the licensed software or breach of the copyright holder established by means of technical protection phones, smart phones, laptops, navigation devices, personal computers, etc. (including firmware, unlock,jailbreak, etc.).
The services of surrogate mothers (search and offer).
Products and items, rights in respect of which the user is not.
Collection and anticollection services.
Campaign materials, ballot papers, products or services related to the implementation of electoral rights.
Services, works and materials related to the implementation of military service and paramilitary activity in the territory of foreign States.
Account, e-mail, social networks, blogs and forums, instant messaging (ICQ,Skype and the like), games, and other resources and services (including, but not limited to, Steam, iTunes, Google Play).
The markets and exchange services currency type of Forex (including equipment, consulting, training, etc.).
Explosives, waste explosives, blasting agents.
Goods subject to mandatory certification, in the absence of certificates.
Services/products, if such activity is subject to licensing (to engage in certain activities require special permits), the absence of a license(special permission).
Child pornography, bestiality; offers or solicitation on illegal prostitution.

Other goods/services, the turnover of which is prohibited or restricted under the laws of any country in the world.

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